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Michael Hetes Level 1 (55 points)
I rescued a couple of vintage 1998 iMacs a number of weeks ago, one a Bondi Blue 233mHz machine and the other a Strawberry 333mHz. From a cursory inspection it was noted that the logic boards sport the same part number, even though they are supposedly different version numbers. (BTW, how does one tell the difference between Version "A" and "B" iMacs?) The ATI chips have different designations and the Bondi also has a built-in infrared (IrDA) sensor. Other than those obvious characteristics, they appear identical.

Naturally the 333mHz computer would be preferable to keep, but its' CD-ROM is shot. Now, I realise that the CD-ROMs are not interchangeable due of differences in logic board design, and recall -- somewhere -- there being an issue of "data loss". However, another idea popped up that may or may not be hare-brained. Can one take the entire processor card from the "newer" 333 and move it over to the earlier 233 Bondi, or are the processor cards themselves dependent upon the logic boards? If this is feasible it would be great, as I would then also be able to bump up the RAM to 256MB, rather than the measly 64MB now in place.

Your thoughts/suggestions?