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Jeff Kjoller Level 1 (5 points)
I have a USB 1GB Lexar Jumpdrive that won't mount. I plug it into one of the USB slots and it brings up a window that states "This disk is unreadable. Do you want to initialize."
I've used this jumpdrive several times on my own G5 (running OSX 10.4) and it mounts fine.
The Mac I'm trying to mount on (my Dad's) is an iMac running OS 9.2.
I did read something about an extension called USB Mass Storage Support. Version 1.3.5 is installed on this system. Maybe this helps?
Any help would be appreciated.
  • Jeff Level 6 (11,477 points)
    Since you've found USB Mass Storage 1.3.5, I'm assuming that your father's iMac is an early CRT version. You need to be running newer versions of the USB Support files/drivers, which will provide wider support for mass storage devices developed in the intervening years. Since the OS was updated to 9.2.x, I'm puzzled as to why the newer versions weren't automatically installed along the way. To mount/use my Lexar JumpDrive, I found that the versions included with the OS 9.1 Update were needed, because those installed with the 9.2.1/9.2.2 Updates in my iMac DV caused the same problem that you're experiencing. Reverting to the previous versions corrected the situation. I'd suggest using TomeViewer to extract the necessary files from the 9.1 Update. If you need directions for doing so, post back.
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    Jeff Kjoller...

    I do not use "USB Mass Storage Support" (Extension) at all. (See below link) From my gathering it is built into the device and is no longer needed after Mac OS 9.1.

    In my situation USB Device Extension is the only one I need to have active for my JumpDrive to mount.

    Another thing is to make sure you have "Foreign File Access" (Extension) and "File Exchange" (Control Panal) active.



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