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I am trying to extend the range of my home network. I have an imac OS10.5.6 and an ibook OS 4.3.9 plus a G 450 OS 10.2.9 that I want to connect. For years, this was no problem
substituting an old imac for the new one. The old imac was in the kitchen and connected reliably. When this became problematic, I bought myself a new imac, moved the old G 450 to the kitchen and passed along the old imac. The G450 always connected so I thought them problem would be solved. Alas not and eventually, the connection hardly ever happened. After a long discussion on this forum, I bought an airport express last Saturday. Today, I had time and plugged it into a socket by the laptop hoping it would relay the signal to the kitchen. For a short while, I had a strong signal and then nothing. Not only that, but as i read the manual and looked at the disk, I must have made things worse because no computer could connect. I solved that one by reseting the old airport and restarting computers. So, I am back where I started. I needed help setting up the network the first time and don't want to start over and have to put information into anything. I have put in memory cards, an airport card, and many programs but am very nervous about anything to do with the network.

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    Hi again!

    Here are the basic steps to configure the new 802.11n AirPort Express Base Station (AXn) to extend the wireless range of the 802.11b/g AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS). This configuration is known as a Wireless Distribution System (WDS):

    Pre-Setup Stuff
    o Power-down the modem; Power-off (unplug) both the AEBS & AXn and power-off the computers.
    o Perform a "hard" reset on the AEBS and a "factory default" reset on the AXn. We want to make sure that they are in their "out-of-the-box" configurations.
    o For both AirPorts, jot down the AirPort IDs for each of the base stations to be used in the WDS. The AirPort ID and is printed on the label on the bottom/side of the base station. Make sure you get the AirPort ID and not the Ethernet ID.
    o Temporarily place the AXn nearby the AEBS. We want it at this location during the WDS setup phase. Once the setup is complete, you can place the AXn at the desired location.
    o I will assume that the iMac is currently connected directly to the AEBS by Ethernet.
    o We will use the iMac to configure the AirPorts using the AirPort Utility.
    o Power-on the modem; wait at least 10-15 minutes.
    o Plug-in the AEBS; wait at least 5-10 minutes.
    o Plug-in the AXn; wait at least 5 minutes.
    o Power-on the iMac.

    Note: In this WDS configuration, the AEBS will be performing as the main base station and the AXn will be performing as the remote base station.

    Main Base Station Setup - AEBS
    o On the iMac open AirPort Utility located in the \Applications\Utilities folder.
    o Select the AEBS, and then, choose Manual Setup from the Base Station menu.
    o Click Wireless in the toolbar, and then, choose “Participate in a WDS network” from the Wireless Mode pop-up menu.
    o Click WDS and then, choose “WDS main” from the WDS Mode pop-up menu.
    o Select the “Allow wireless clients” checkbox.
    o Click the Add "+" button and enter the AirPort ID of the AXn that you wrote down earlier.
    o Click Update to send the new settings to the base stations in the WDS.

    Remote Base Station Setup - AXn
    o On the iMac click the AirPort status menu in the menu bar and choose the wireless network created by the AXn. Since we performed a reset earlier, the default Network Name will be something like Apple Network XXXXXX, where the Xs are the last six digits of AXn's AirPort ID.
    o If not still running, open AirPort Utility.
    o This time select the AXn, and then, choose Manual Setup from the Base Station menu.
    o Click AirPort in the toolbar and click Wireless. Choose “Participate in a WDS network” from the Wireless Mode pop-up menu, and then, choose the same channel as the main base station from the Channel pop-up menu.
    o Click WDS and choose “WDS remote” from the pop-up menu.
    o Enter the AirPort ID of the AEBS in the WDS Main field.
    o Click Update to transfer the settings to the base station.

    (ref: Pages 42-46 of "Designing AirPort Networks.)
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    heck, that helped me alot, smart people here!