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I am having a problem with syncing my Touch.

Everything sync's fine, except music.

I have restored my iPod several times, re-created my library, re-installed iTuned and even downgraded from iTunes 8.2 to 8.1. My iPod is firmware 2.2.1 (and will not regress on a restore).

Nothing is making a difference.

After a lot of investigation, I have located the MDCrashReportTool log and have the same entry whenever I have tried to sync my music as follows:

2009-06-09 21:25:02.544|MDCrashReportTool.exe|3220:18308344|/SourceCache/SyncApplication/S yncApplication-544.5/CrashReportCopy/CrashReportCopierAFC.m:-[CrashReportCopierA FC connectToCrashReportCopyTarget]| ERROR: AMDeviceStartService for root

It would appear the problem lies in AppleMobileDeviceService

I am thinking it may be certain tracks in my playlist (although they have never caused this issue before), as I have created a dummy playlist, and I am adding songs in batches and then syncing. So far it is syncing the music.

I will post an update when I know if it is a particular track or not, but so far, it appears that if I try to sync my entire music library, either through a play list or through the sync settings, it will fail miserably, whereas syncing in small batches appears to work.......

If anyone else has had experience with this sort of issue and knows of a solution, I would greatly appreciate it.


PC, Windows XP
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    Update: I got about 300 tracks synced and now it will not sync anymore.

    iTunes goes through the sync process and when it get to syncing music, it just sit's there doing nothing.

    Both iTunes and the iPod say they are syncing, but I have a USB monitor and there is absolutely no USB activity from this point on.