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Just updated to 8.2 and can no longer get Outlook contacts and calendar to sync. When I first connect iPhone I get a message that my computer is not authorized to sync with my iPhone then I click ALLOW and I get another message that it is unable to sync but then it does sync apps and backs up my iPhone but not the Outlook items. When I go under the INFO tab it will net let me select any program for syncing contacts and it says there is no compatable calendar to sync with. I was able to sync Outlook before this update.

Dell, Windows Vista
  • george_stephen@btopenworld.com Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same problem. I bought a new bigger ipod touch which has iphone 3.0 on it so I had to update to itunes 8.2

    Now I can no longer sync my calendar on my old ipod touch. That wouldn't worry me overly but it means I cannot get my calendar onto my new ipod touch. I even tried doing the trial subscription to mobile me to get it across but it tries to delete the contacts and calendar on the old ipod. I do not see why I shouldn't be able to sync anymore.
  • ClarkDGigHbr Level 1 Level 1
    After installing iPhone 3.0 and iTunes 8.2 several weeks ago, my Outlook calendar sync stopped working. I have tried every hint or trick I could find to no avail. The iTunes SW never reports errors, and I cannot determine just where the SW problem exists. I have cleared my iPhone contents and performed a restore/reset from iTunes. I re-installed iTunes several times, including the latest version ( today, but nothing works. I spoke with an Apple Expert with no success; pleasant and empathetic, but with no troubleshooting skills. He suggested a replacement iPhone, which makes little sense to me.

    I have a colleague at work whose Outlook calendar sync also stopped working after installing the latest SW. Does anyone have insight in this situation?