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With the new 3G iphone S which is faster, will there be a new ipod touch coming? Thinking of buying an ipod touch but not too sure if it is worth the wait for a newer model.

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  • biikman Level 3 (585 points)
    Judging from past releases, september is usually when new models are released, but since apple doesn't announce ahead of time when newer models will be released, it is unknown until it happens.
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    There has been no announcement about a new ipod touch.
  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)
    will there be a new ipod touch coming

    It's almost certain there will be an new iPod touch coming. I doubt very much that they have stopped developing and discontinued the iPod touch with the existing models.

    The question is "when?", and no-one outside Apple knows that.

    Thinking of buying an ipod touch but not too sure if it is worth the wait for a newer model.

    Does the current model do everything you want? Is it at a price you think reasonable? If so, buy it.

    If not, wait for a model that does do what you want at a price you like.
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    This is my first time on the apple communities discussion board. I had the same question and notice this approx. 1 month ago. Has there been any new whispers about a new IPOD touch. I'm about to buy the current version which I have no qualms with. But if there is any news of a newer (better) model coming, I may wait.

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    I did a little Google search a couple of weeks ago and there was word back in January (of either this year or last - I forget right now) that the 64GB would be out soon but haven't seen one for sale anywhere so I guess that has yet to occur.
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    I know we are not supposed to "speculate" here in the forum. So, I don't consider it speculating if I just give you a sample of what you'll find if you google "iPod Touch + Microphone + Camera

    I, for one, can hardly wait!