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I've done this but what exactly does this get me? The fine print says +'Pre-authorization does not guarantee iPhone availability at an Apple Retail Store. iPhone is sold on a first-come, first-served basis'.+

So what exactly is the benefit to going this route? Will a separate and earlier line be opened up at Apple stores JUST for these pre-orders on the 19th?


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  • Jim Wick Level 3 Level 3
    One of the floor reps at the Apple Store here told me that if I go through the process and reserve online, then I can just come into the store to finish the purchase. I asked if that would mean that there will be one there waiting on me and I was told yes there would.

    While she did not say this I am taking that to mean that say a store gets 10,000 phones and 5,000 reserved then they would only release 5,000 for people waiting in line.
  • Daiya Level 4 Level 4
    So what exactly is the benefit to going this route?

    It probably helps them allocate the phones to the stores and know better how to meet demand and prevent shortages. And if most of the paperwork is done beforehand, then it should speed up the lines for everyone.
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    Jim - thanks for the answer. Did the floor rep mention if those who pre-ordered would have a separate line, or if they could just walk in - bypassing the line?
  • Jim Wick Level 3 Level 3
    What I was told for the Salem, NH store is that there will be 2 lines. One for those that did not reserve one and one for those that did reserve one