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Hey all. I have been having a massive overheating problem with my MBP when trying to play games under bootcamp and windows XP.

- I have called Apple Support - they were not much help save to tell me not to place the computer on my lap.
- I do not have the laptop on my lap instead always placing it on a desk.
- I have tried to elevate it slightly off the desk to allow more air flow
- Last time I actually had it elevated and placed on a cookie sheet to dissipate the heat.
- SMCFan is certainly a help, but it doesn't stop the problem either.

Anyone else have this problem to the same extent? Solutions? With the exception of creating a large fan assembly to force air through the machine it seems that it just won't run for very long without shutting itself down.

For such an expensive machine, this is a rather large irritation.

MacBook Pro 15in (Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.5.6), *
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    is it actually shutting the machine down or you just not like the fans running?

    the fans need to run & they will make some noise at 5k + rpms. try getting one of those cooling pads. the cookie sheet isn't cirulating air.
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    The fans only start up under windows only if I use SMCfancontrol.

    I bought a Belkin cooling pad (one with fans) and it didn't do the trick. The cookie sheet was a one time hunch. Even with the fans at maximum blow I am getting the shutdown. The screen goes black, the audio freezes (normally) and its over. It seems more like a video heat problem. No one else has this issue?
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    I'm not a windows gamer, so I haven't faced this. I've ran h.264 encodes in clamshell mode for several hours without issue, but that was in Mac OS of course.

    but some people, I noticed, have had the overheating in OS X on the unibodies. if there's a way you can reproduce under OSX, then I would say that there is something wrong with the machine.

    & apple bay be more helpful to fix

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    I have the same set up as you, SMCFanControl takes the cake on Mac side. XP side is a whole different story. The laptop does warm up but I have yet to have it shut down on me or freeze up. So far I have not found the need to address the issue, nor have I found a resolution to it. Ill keep looking, if I find anything ill let you know. I usually play Steam games, CSS, L4D and Americas Army, which all are a heavy load on a graphics card, if that helps.
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    I don't think it's Apple's responsibility if there isn't very good energy management under Windows.
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    Sigh...Typical mac user response. Overheating Macbook Pros are well known and its a problem with the case design and the fan control.
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    I have this problem as well, and SMCfancontrol doesn't prevent it from happening when I soft reboot into Windows XP. My computer has crashed at least 4 times today while trying to play Lord of the Rings Online. It's ridiculous, and I can't understand why Apple hasn't addressed the problem in Boot Camp.
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    That is my problem exactly. Guess no one has a solution and no one really cares to address it. I ended up getting a big fan that I stick behind the laptop and angled slightly down so that it hits the air-intake.

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    SMC fan control allows you to set fan speed on mac os X. If you reboot to bootcamp partion (not shutdown and start up) fan speed will stay at same rpm. There is a alternative though: http://sourceforge.net/users/lubbbo
    Bit tricky, but it works on my macbook pro which has one fan (2009 2.53 ghz 15 inch). you need speedfan installed also for the giveio drivers. Only downside is that the kbmgr will be shutdown by the app (it asks for it, no danger). you can set the fan speeds, close the app and restart the keyboard manager (programfiles\bootcamp). Fans will stay at chosen RPM. I work as webdeveloper and temps stay cool at about 48 degree celsius at rpm of 4000 (not to much).

    Hope this helps.
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    Forgot: Run as admin in vista .
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    I'm bumping both fans to 6000RPM, hopefully it will stop the overheating when playing games.
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    Is it just me, or has Snow Leopard addressed the overheating problem with Windows ? I've just used XP through VMWare Fusion for first time since installing SL and the temp remained around 45 deg C. Fans still sinning at 2000 rpm. What's going on ??
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    You're running Windows via a virtual machine program in OS X. It's going to use the same OS X undervolting as usual, so of course you won't experience shutdowns. Boot Camp is an entirely different problem.

    Even after replacing the original logic board in my Pro I've been suffering from shutdowns. I have a desk fan and a window fan positioned right next to the mbpro on the desk and have SMC Fan Control running the fans at 6k after a soft reboot into Windows. Even Team Fortress 2 at low graphics settings and native rez causes a shutdown. I don't understand why Apple hasn't worked on creating the same power management through Boot Camp as is used in OS X. For example, The Sims 3 run on high graphics will not cause a shutdown, yet TF2 does in Windows.

    Boot Camp needs to be fixed.