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I have an Apple 17" LCD Studio Display with some brand new major issues. I recently installed the "tiger" version of Safari 4. I noticed that a lot of the features (which require compatible video card / Quartz Extreme) were disabled, so I checked on my video card. I have the Geforce2 MX card, and according to everything I found this "should" work.

I checked under system profiler, and the Quartz Extreme property was listed as "disabled" or "unavailable" or something like that. Otherwise, all the info looked correct.

Ok now to my problem. Out of curiosity, I clicked over to system properties and took a look at the 17" Studio Display - and to my surprise, it was on "thousands" of colors instead of "millions". However, when I switched it over, all **** broke loose and I haven't been able to figure out anything to fix it.

- Refresh Rate option in System properties is grayed out and says "N/A"
- Anytime I do anything that requires screen refresh (i.e. move the mouse, click on something, change the window, etc.) I get awful black bars and lines all through the screen. Switching windows is practically impossible.
- Interestingly, the "Quartz Extreme" option now says "enabled" and the features on Safari 4 work fine, with the exception obviously of my major display issues.

What I have tried to fix it:
- Zapped PRAM
- Unplugged and replugged in the display
- Repaired Disk Permissions
- Switched the display settings to every available combination of colors / resolution.

No matter what I do, the Refresh Rate option says "N/A" and my studio display is showing awful black bars, blocks and lines everywhere.

Can anyone help?? I'm definitely over my head here.


Quicksilver 867mhz single processor., Mac OS X (10.4.11), 768 MB of RAM