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I am considering buying one of the recently updated Macbook Airs. I was wondering about battery life. How much battery life do you actually get between Rev. B and Rev. C? I know Rev. C just came out so I would be happy hearing about Rev. B, the HDD and SSD.

With the new 13" Macbook Pro that weighs 4.5lbs and has 7hrs of battery life is getting a Macbook Air worth it? I am a scientist and I do graphing and number calculations and I already have a Macbook Pro for anything intensive. I need something that I can do everyday surfing and presentations and some graphing and calculations and not break my back when I have to travel across town and across country. I still use a backpack.

Any help or advice you can give would help.

Macbook Pro 15", Mac OS X (10.5.7)