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Steve Hodson Level 3 (785 points)
Say I'm replacing my phone with a 3GS, how does iTunes tie the data it has to the phone, is it by the phone # on the SIM card?

I want to make sure all my data, apps etc. gets back on the phone, what process do I need to follow?

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  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    All iTunes content they you have selected to be transferred to your existing iPhone - music/video/podcasts including 3rd party apps remain in your iTunes library on your computer. Photos transferred to your existing iPhone via the iTunes sync process also remain on your computer.

    If you are syncing contact info and calendar events with the Address Book and iCal on your Mac, this data also remains on your computer.

    You can sync multiple iPods and/or iPhones with the same iTunes library and iTunes account with each device having its own sync settings.

    When you connect a new iPhone to iTunes on your computer, you will be prompted to transfer the backup for another iPhone that has been synced with iTunes. After the backup for your existing iPhone is transferred to your new iPhone, this must be followed by a sync to transfer your selected iTunes content including 3rd party apps and any photos on your computer selected to be transferred to your iPhone. You select sync contacts with the Address Book and calendar events with iCal under the Info tab for your new iPhone sync preferences and this data will be transferred to your new iPhone.
  • Steve Hodson Level 3 (785 points)
    It's good that iTunes asks which backup to transfer...I assumed it would automatically select one based on the phone #.

    I guess I'm just nervous that a backup for a 16GB iPhone 3G will mess up the settings on a 32GB 3GS.

    I didn't dare do it when I upgraded from the original iPhone and therefore started from scratch but this time I have a lot of data stored in Applications so I cannot start over again.