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I got an iTunes gift card but can't buy anything on iTunes. How do I go about getting a refund?

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    I don't know. I doubt you'll get a refund for a gift card. Most businesses will avoid that -- too much opportunity for fraud. Why can't you buy songs from the iTunes Store?

    If you absolutely can't redeem the gift card, maybe you can sell it to someone who will be able to redeem it.
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    Thanks for your reply. I'm not confident I can get a refund, knowing how Apple is about such things.

    Tried to buy some songs tonight from iTunes, first time. Had already entered my account info and the gift card no. iTunes showed the credit, but when I went to buy, (I went thru the whole procedure), nothing happened. The songs are still in my shopping basket. I thought it would download the songs, use up the gift card and bill the balance to my credit card. But nothing. Feeling like I'm getting ripped off by Apple!
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    So, after clicking on Shopping Cart and then clicking on the Buy Now button on the lower right corner of the iTunes window, you weren't taken to a page confirming your purchase? What happened. Please provide details.
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    I was taken to a page showing my account information, with a "Done" button at the bottom. I clicked on Done. If I remember right, it sent me back to my still full shopping cart. No confirmation of purchase appeared. No message of any kind appeared. I went thru this drill twice. The shopping cart still shows my items, and my $15 credit from my gift card still shows (though rather useless at this point). And I don't see any "Purchased Items" area that I'm told should be there. I probably should mention this is my first purchase from iTunes. Certainly not my first, or 100th, online purchase.

    I've already invested more time in this than it's worth. I've read online that Apple never gives refunds on gift cards. If that's the case, then I need to hear that from them so I can tell them what I think of them, warn my family and friends never to buy iTunes gift cards again, and move on. I tried to contact them last night but it was too late. I plan on calling them today to verify their policy. If they refuse to give my son's money back, I consider it outright theft.
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    i have been on apple online help for two days straight trying to redeem my 15.00 gift card. they have the money it is in the account but i cannot access it. aaarrrggg. I am so frustrated. no one seems to know what to do. i am disappointed. i was considering getting a refund, but i guess that won't work. so apple gets another 15.00 of my money.
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    There is no telephone support for the iTunes Store; calling Apple tech support won't help as there's nothing they can do regarding iTunes Store problems, nor will the Apple Store be able to help since there apparently was nothing wrong with the gift card, per se, since you were able to redeem it.

    Contact the iTunes Store Customer Service department using the form at the bottom of the Purchase Issues FAQ web page and explain the problem to them. They should be able to help you sort out the problem.


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    Thanks for you reply. I had already done that, and did get a reply. Before replying to them, I tried downloading again, and this time (the third), it went through without a hitch.
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    The only way to get an iTunes refund is to request one on line at: https://expresslane.apple.com

    Be sure to have your order number from your emailed receipt on hand.


    Select the iTunes Store

    Select the Apps

    Select the Billing option

    Click on Continue


    I hope this helps!

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    Given that the original poster started this thread and last posted two it well over two years ago, I would doubt that any further posts here will be useful or applicable. And just FYI, I posted the information on contacting the iTunes Store back in June of 2009.