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Having upgraded to Safari 4.0 I can now no longer log on to my University VPN and using time machine to restore to 3.2.3 or earlier does not reverse the situation and restore access. Presumably there is something else I need to Time Machine to get back to the point where it was working. Anybody any clues to help me....? Any help at all? Thanks!

The Uni uses Connectra and the Check Point Endpoint Security On Demand Compliance Scanner at the Portal page starts downloading stuff then just hangs with the message "Failed to load the Java Applet and ActiveX controls". It doesn't get any further than that.

(I'm asking on this forum cos the Uni Computing services people are rubbish. "Oh. You're on a mac. We don't support macs." is the usual response I get from them. Idiots.)

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    Having the same problem with our staff who work from home on Macs at the moment (if they upgrade to Safari 4) and wasn't aware that rolling back with Time Machine wouldn't fix it so that's useful to know! I'm going to log a support call with Checkpoint so will let you know if I get any feedback from them.

    I think you're a bit harsh about the support guys though (being one myself). Supporting home computers when you don't have overall control of them as you do in an office environment is a challenge in itself, and Checkpoint are very slow in coming out with support for Macs, it took nearly a year before they offered any support for OS X using the SSL Network Extender. (we ended up getting the beta version of the client, but even that took months of asking)


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    Thanks for that Will. Nice to know I'm not the only one suffering!

    Apologies too if I seemed a bit harsh on the Uni support guys. I'm sure they're nice people just working within the usual constraints, but I guess I'm just hacked off with the general lack of interest shown by them so far for those of us on the mac platform. This is a University claiming to be at the cutting edge technology-wise! (It was four in the morning too - that probably didn't help!)

    Anyway, I had an email from someone there this morning saying they've raised the issue 'up the tree'. Maybe that will join your input at Checkpoint and get a response from them. Fingers crossed anyway!

    As Time Machine restoring Safari back to the earlier version didn't work, I'm suspect it might have been something to do with the Java update that came through and loaded at the same time. Unfortunately I don't know enough about it/time to spare to work out which files they are. However, if anyone does find out which files need restored then I'm sure that'd be useful information to be going on with and a quicker solution than an archive & re-install.


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    Right. Got a response from the Uni Tech Support guys as follows:

    "Issue #22025 - MAC user having problems access the VPN.

    Safari version 4.0 has underlining issues with ActiveX controls. ( this issue lies with Apple not the Connectra Portal )

    You will have to either roll back a safari version or download firefox."
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    Hi ChamFan;

    Last time I checked ActiveX is a Microsoft framework and only works with Windows so why your tech support thinks Apple is going to fix that has me a bit confused.

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    Yes. I was aware 'use firefox' is the standard way of resolving a lot of Explorer issues, but just 'rolling back' to the earlier Safari was not really the answer I was looking for. (Too long on mac probably - I'm too used to almost all things working 100% fine straight off the bat!)

    Anyway I set up a log-in with End-Point and raised it as an issue. We'll have to see if they come back with anything that helps.

    Can't help thinking that I'm just a user, I shouldn't have to be chasing this stuff!