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I have a iMac, that is in a classroom of similar machines, they are running os v 10.4.6 (ish).

The mac in question had been reported with a fault so i went along to check it and this was a new fault for me.

When the mac boots, it bongs the hdd starts up and then a black white screen appears after a few minutes this changes to a white screen with a flashing grey folder with a question mark.

now reading on the forums, internet etc. i have found that maybe i should boot to disk. tried this but not disk activity.
next i read to boot into verbose mode at which point i find that the USB ports dont seem to be running so i can use a keyboard.

Anyone any ideas how i can troubleshoot this problem or why the problem occurred in the first place?

Thanks for any help offered.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.6)