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Hi, im using IDVD 7.0.4. ive stared producing 16:9 projects, however when i bring a screen grab into the theme from my video project it looks terrible. Does anyone know the 16:9 dimensions for photos that you want to bring into a 16:9 theme? Cheers.

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    Hi Dave

    Welcome to apple discussions. Try this app if you haven't already and then use the screenshot within iDvd's Slideshow but make sure to select the box for TV Safe Area. For images/snapshots (excluding dvd playback) it's also possible to snap a screenshot by simply using the following keys Apple + Shift +4 simultaneously and then dragging the cursor / crosshairs to an expanded area for capturing a custom image of your computer's screen. The image is captured to the desktop upon releasing the mouse button.


    In addition, here's what iDvd's Help menu advises:

    Fitting slideshow images into the TV safe area

    Depending on what technology viewers will use to watch your DVD (computer, standard TV, widescreen TV, and so on), some visuals in your DVD may get cut off. You can make sure the images in your slideshows are fully visible by specifying, in iDVD preferences, to scale the slides to the “TV safe area.” The TV safe area is the part of the screen that is visible on most television screens.

    NOTE: The TV safe area varies from television to television. The TV safe area displayed in the iDVD window is an approximation. Use it only as a general guide as you edit.

    To fit images into the TV safe area:

    Choose iDVD > Preferences.

    Click Slideshow.

    Select the “Always scale slides to TV Safe Area” checkbox.

    If you want to preview a slideshow with the boundaries of the TV safe area showing, go to the menu that has the button for your slideshow, and then choose View > Show TV Safe Area.

    A red rectangle appears in the iDVD window. Anything within the rectangle should show on most standard TV screens. Double-click the slideshow button to open the slideshow editor, and then click the Preview button at the bottom of the iDVD window. The slideshow begins to play with the red rectangle superimposed on it. To exit Preview mode, click the Exit button on the iDVD remote control.


    Preparing images for iDVD slideshows

    You can use photos, movies, presentation slides (created in a program such as Keynote), or other image files in a slideshow created in iDVD. iDVD works with any image file that is supported by QuickTime (including PICT, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF.) You can also use photos directly from your iPhoto library.

    Images and movies in a slideshow are scaled to fit the standard DVD window size, but the aspect ratio is preserved. For example, a picture taken vertically (also known as “portrait format”) may have black bands on either side of it to fill out the screen. If you want an image to fit the DVD window exactly, use an image-editing application to resize the image before bringing it into iDVD. (It is not possible to resize movies.) Resize to these dimensions:

    720 x 540 pixels for standard video in NTSC format

    854 x 480 pixels for widescreen in NTSC format

    768 x 576 pixels for standard video in PAL format

    1024 x 576 pixels for widescreen in PAL format

    You can also make sure images in iDVD are always scaled to a size that will fit within the area visible on most TV screens, or the “TV safe area.”

    To fit slides into the TV safe area:

    Choose iDVD > Preferences.

    Click Slideshow.

    Select the checkbox labeled “Always scale slides to TV Safe Area.”

    Hope this helps but if not just come on back.

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