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I've connected the mini to the TV (which is a full 1920x1080 HD set) - using mini-DVI to DVI-D to HDMI.

When in overscan I'm missing the edges of the screen - the menu bar at the top is outside the physical border of the screen but is usable (ie I can use the mouse in the border of the screen but can't see either the mouse or the top line of the menu). When it's not in overscan I'm using about three quarters of the screen.

Is there a way to make it fit the screen within the physical borders of the set (ie using overscan but keeping the borders of the screen within the physical boundaries of the set - or turning overscan off but expanding the screen out to the boundaries of the set).

It is, I think, a 100hz set but in display options I'm only seeing 60hz - is there a way to increase the refresh rate when used by the mini?

The screen fonts are also a bit blurry - any tips on who to improve visual acuity?

I haven't upgraded to 10.5.7 at this stage due to the problems people have been having with it - will do so once I do a time machine backup of the current setup.


Mini, Mac OS X (10.5.6), philishave smart touch XL telecaster av52ri
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    Answering my own questions again - you get the full screen filled out to (but not past) the borders of the set if you set the display area to full pixel rather than "normal" (press Home on the remote then navigate using XMB to settings) and then on the Mini set the Mini's display prefs to overscan. The full pixel setting only affects the TV when it is getting a signal from the pc and doesn't apply when it is used as a TV (so no need to reset it when you want to use the TV as a telly). The font still isn't amazing but this may be due to me sitting further back than I'm used to.
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    Forgot to add, props to breakdizzle from the Sony Bravia thread for discovering how to fix the issue. Thought it might be useful to have the question and answer in one thread specific to the Sony for all youse with the same telly.