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I noticed that the only anti-glare screen Apple offers is on the 17" MBP. Is there any chance that this will be an option on the other Macs/displays sometime in the not-too-distant future?

Because while I know lots of people love the glossy displays, I can't work with them. The late 2006 iMac with an anti-glare screen is great, but we have another, newer, iMac and the glass screen makes it so lights in the room behind me show up (which makes reading and work difficult), and I see myself in the reflection whenever I'm watching a movie on it.

So, I really would like to have a nice 13" MBP and 24" LED display (though hopefully after there's a tiny price drop on it...) for college and graphic design work, but I'm afraid that if I don't have an anti-glare option the machines will be pretty much useless.

So, any ideas when Apple might possibly offer the anti-glare? It happened with the Firewire on the 13" unibody MacBook, so maybe this too? Or does anyone know of any really good, seamless anti-glare films for MacBooks?

20" Intel Core 2 Duo, late 2006, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    This is one of those industry things I just don't understand. There are plenty of people out there that prefer a matte (anti-glare) display. In fact, before everyone went glossy... I never really heard people saying "I wish I had a really shinny display". There are some benefits to the average consumer... but I doubt the average consumer would be distraught without the glossy display.

    Apple does not announce revisions to their products prior to their release (I'm sure you've seen lots of posts about that recently). No one here knows what Apple's future plans on. Unfortunately, the industry as a whole has moved towards glossy and Apple has sort of moved their 15" MacBooks more towards the consumer end despite the name "Pro".
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    Too bad... would be nice to at least have some idea of if I should wait...

    But Apple's not stupid, and I bet they know lots of people want anti-glare, so who knows, maybe it will be their next big announcement...
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    Apple does offer an anti-glare film you can use:


    You can also find similar products from other vendors.
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    JoeyR, I've been considering one of those, but I've yet to see any well documented experiences (e.g. a YouTube video) of installation and usage. There's only a couple of reviews on the Apple store, so I'm hesitant to put any money down until there's some blog posts / pictures of the film in action.

    Have you tried one, or do you know anyone who has?
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    Can't we just pry off the glass??? Or just use some good old sanding paper on it before use?

    Maybe in a year or two they'll have another redesign thing, without the stupid glass.
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    I used to be a matte zealot until a week or so ago, now I probably prefer gloss - it gives colours some great pop, and blacks are much blacker (if we ignore the you-know-whats that show up on them, just for a moment).

    The problem is Apple's decision to allow the gloss reflections to bleed over in to the border, thus magnifying their effect, and giving them greater presence. A glossy screen (such as the one I was using on an entry level HP laptop whilst awaiting delivery of a glossy MBP to replace a broken matte model) is fine when there's a picture being pumped out to overwhelm the reflections - but the new MBP has the additional wedge of gloss frame which sits pretty and heightens all reflections.

    I see a market for an anti-glare border film, i.e. something that only sits on top of the glossy borders without covering any LED surface area. I'd buy one.
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    I am not sure if they will offer the anti-glare screen on anything else. Many folks seem to love the new glossy displays. I wrestled with this when I bought the new 17. All I can say is that that AG version is really good. The colors are just as bright and vibrant as the glossy without the glare. This is one sharp display. I have a feeling that resolution independence is coming in Snow Leopard.

    The 17 is not such a bad package to lug. The biggest issue I am having is finding another large bag for it. My old Brenthaven bag is showing it's age.

    Good luck.
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    It's got to be one on the dumbest things Apple has done, beside leaving out Firewire on the prev uiibody Macbook. What is interesting is they are so proud of there pretty shinny worthly for a portable go any where screen. If you look at any of there machines here in the online store you'll see that they advertise the beautiful glare on every one of there machines. Do not buy the anti glare crap as it is just that. If you don't put it on there perfectly it's ruined, and even if you do it really does not help. If you have to add a reflection so you can see every thing behind you (great for a Ninja) that's what the glass is for to make the colors pop, well maybe they just need to find better screens that don't need the glass to look good. I have tried to use my wifes unibody macbook as I am proving "Pavlov's theory of salivation" wanting the new 13" pro, but it strains my eyes after awhile. I know booo whoo whoo but it's true. So I guess I'll have to keep the good ol' 12" Powerbook a little longer, best Mac ever made by the way. Ok I'm done, boy do I feel better, sorry ya'll.
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    Apple seems like it's moving towards matte options... now with the 15" mbp having it. Let's just hope it spreads.