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Antknee2343 Level 1 (15 points)
When I try to sync my new iPod touch with iTunes 8.2 it freezes up my computer during the iPod backup. I have only been able to make a few successful syncs. I've pretty much tried everything, uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes and restored the iPod several times and nothing seems to work.

I'd appreciate any suggestions before I return this thing.

HP Media Center, Windows XP
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    First, try this stuff:


    Next, make sure you are connecting the touch directly to the system - not through a hub. If you are connecting to a keyboard with a USB connector on it or via a USB connector on the front of the system, try connecting it to a USB port on the back of the computer.

  • riversen Level 3 (675 points)
    Is there a chance that you are having an iTunes 8.2 issue. Please, review the forum for the many, many users who have encountered this bug and have found the only solution so far is to revert and downgrade to iTunes 8.1. If this works, great. If anyone has another solution that has not already been tried by so many of us, please let us know.

    Basically, there are a lot of us waiting for iTunes 8.2.x that will address the bug we have encountered.
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    Yes, the problem seems to be with 8.2. I thought I found a workaround but it only lasted for a couple of sync's. It's begun to freeze my computer when I attempt a sync.

    I'm reinstalling 8.1 as I write this. I'll post back when I find out if this works or not.
  • Antknee2343 Level 1 (15 points)
    The re-installation of iTunes 8.1 seems to have solved the problem. Things are working normally again.
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    Did you upgrade to 3.0 software yet and if so, have you tried unplugging your internet connection to see if iTunes recognizes it? I did this for the iPhone and it works 100% of the time (at least so far). Once iTunes recognized my iPhone, I can turn the internet back and do my normal syncing.