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Dr Sly Level 1 (145 points)
a few hours later, so far so good. nice screen. hope it will not disappoint!

my previous MB unibody had horrible contrast, washed off colors, and bad viewing angles (aka cheap arse manufacturing product...)

cross me fingers!

 MacBook Pro 17" 2.8 GHz June 2009 - 4GB RAM  iPhone 3G  LED ACD , Mac OS X (10.5.7), Parallels Desktop with Windows 7 (RC1) - 64 & Ubuntu 9.04 - 64
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    Please let us know how everything goes!
  • AppleZilla Level 2 (375 points)
    Antiglare or not?
  • Dr Sly Level 1 (145 points)
    howdy, hmm so far I would say it's the best laptop and display I have had since two Macs ago in my case (a MBP Santa Rosa, Penryn from early 2008). The MB I had after that until now was a neat little machine, but with a horrible display, washed colors, awful contrast and bad viewing angle...

    this new baby is truly epic! I will run Photoshop, Parallels, Matlab, and some video games and see how the machine handles intensive activities in the next few days, and post back here to report on my obviously non-representative experimental design lol
  • Dr Sly Level 1 (145 points)
    I was tempted by the antiglare, but the demos looked like they were outputting less brightness as a result of the coating thingy, I dunno, I opted for glossy (it also looks more in line with my LED cinema display!)
  • Dr Sly Level 1 (145 points)
    This machine is amazing! Beautiful display and good viewing angles, awesome performance on both OS X and Windows 7 (I know, I know, but I need it for part of my work...)

    10/10 so far. I have had 3 MBs and 3 MBPs over the period of September 2005 to June 2009, and the last MB (December 2009), whilst a hardware beauty because of the aluminum unibody, had an awful display...

    I'm in love again
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    i also have a 15" 2008 UMBP and now just bought the new June 17" 2.8g and it's awesome. I actually have no problems with it, it's perfect. My 15" has the pulsing/strobing screen at low brightness but the new 17" is perfect, no pixel issues, no flickering, blinking, strobing. The only minor negative thing I can say is the 500gig HD 5400rpm is noticeably louder than the 15" 320gig. Other than that it's perfect, love the 1920x1200 res.

    And it's SATA @ 3.0G unlike a lot of people who got the 1.5G SATA.
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    Great news! Please, keep them coming! Thanks!
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    Have you noticed that the brightness on your 15 inch is higher than the 17 inch? I have both as well and i am disappointed with the highest level of brightness on the 17
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    The 15" brightness is blinding at full. Indoors, I'm finding I'm using like the 5th or 6th brightness setting. I've not used it outside yet, so I can't say how good it looks in natural light, but indoors, this screen has the best output of any screen I've ever used.

    I thought about the 17" quickly, but the 1980 resolution put me off. That's just too small for me. I have a 17" @ 1680 x 1050, and that is great. Too bad Apple didn't keep that for the 17" or maybe have something in between.

    I use my 15" as my primary computer, so I'll probably get an Apple 24" Display and wireless keyboard to go with my Mighty Mouse and I'll be all set.


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    I'm in the 15 or 17 dilema too, and originally decided on the 17 after having the most fun on it in-store (and potentially ignoring how big it is). But after two years on a 15, I'm having second thoughts; the 15 is a perfect form factor, it just needs a 1680x1050 resolution. On the 15, 1650x1080 works out at a slightly lower ppi than the 1920x1200 at 133ppi on the 17, so it should be just right for me.
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    I ordered mine on the 9th. It was a CTO so I expected a delay. Fedex Says it might be here monday. Apple said it should have been here on the 18th, then when I called today they ASSURED me it would arrive today. This has definitely been my worst purchase experience. Its one thing if there are delays But I took a whole day to wait around to make sure I wouldn't miss the shipment, made at least 6-7 calls....Not happy when you don't know where 3000 of your hard earned money went.
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    yes, the 15" is a bit brighter but I never use full brightness and overall am happier with the build quality of the 17".