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Network Utility? specifically where? and how?
AirPort Utility specifically how? and how?
Or in another place or app?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    AirPort Utility/Manual Setup/Advanced/Statistics/Logs and Statistics/Wireless Clients

    If you don't see that, make sure Allow SNMP is on in
    AirPort Utility/Manual Setup/Advanced/Statistics/
  • Matt Clifton Level 7 (29,855 points)
    One way is through Airport Utility. Click on your Airport device on the left, go to the Base Station menu, click Logs and Statistics, and go to the Wireless Clients tab. You'll see clients listed by MAC address. If you're running DHCP on the Airport you'll also have a DHCP tab showing IP addresses of clients.

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    Depends on what you mean by who.

    Who being computers or who being users.

    In Airport Utility, Summary, you can click on the "Wireless Clients" label and it will display the connected Wireless clients by MAC address.

    In Terminal, type the command, who to show which usernames are logged into your computer.

    Edit: I forgot about File Sharing Users. I'll have to do some research to figure that one out.

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    Thank you all.
    I didn't know about SNMP.

    I found this:
    "You can choose to allow SNMP on the wide area network (WAN) port by selecting the "Allow SNMP over WAN checkbox." Allowing SNMP over the WAN port lets you mange your base station remotely."

    Remotely means over the internet? I didn't get it.