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I've searched for awhile and honestly can't find a direct answer, always seems to be work arounds.
My previous library is untouchable, and I've re-added all my music manually (now I'm using MP3 VBR and I've saved tons of space, and have a slightly but noticeably better quality) but my applications are being picky.
This is the 2nd time I've moved libraries, but this I didn't get this error message last time
"All existing applications and their data on the iPhone will be replaced with applications from this iTunes library)"
Well, I've transfered purchases and I have all the applications in iTunes, but will I still lose the application data even though I've transferred them?

Custom PC, Other OS, Windows 7 x64-bit
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    If you sync to a new library all media content on your phone will be erased. To save your apps and data to your new itunes library back up manually. Disable autosync in itunes, connect your phone. Right click on your phone in the device list in itunes and choose backup. Transfer your purchases same way. After your phone got erased, restore from that backup. See what's saved in the backup: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1766
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    At the moment I already had all my music/video/photos erased and synced to the new library, it seems to treat applications in a separate library, I still have it unchecked.

    Will it still back it up then if applications aren't synced at all?
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    Apps are copied from your phone to the Mobile Applications folder in itunes when you use "transfer purchases" and only data from those apps on the phone are part of the backup. Apps will only sync back to the phone if you select them in the app pane in itunes.

    You can download apps again for free: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2519
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    Okay well I called an Apple expert and he suggested just what you said, back-up and restore from it, and that failed. Exactly what I thought would happen did
    I plugged my phone in, did a back-up, checked the Application tab, and synced all the applications, then do a restore from back-up and all it did was uncheck that tab again, so when I clicked it again it told me that it would erase all my data.

    On a side note, I experimented and found my solution.
    When I synced before the restore the application data was saved anyway, meaning that message is a load of garbage. The back-up was there to play it safe, but I guess warning messages aren't as threatening
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    I'm in the same boat as you. I lost my iTunes library and have been restoring it piece by piece, and I'm now left with only apps unsynced. The warning message makes me think I'm going to loose data, but you tell me that didn't happen? That would be a relief.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest the warning message isn't wrong, it's just ambiguous. It's meant to warn people who sync to a stranger's iTunes library that they'll wipe out all their app and data when they sync apps (just like syncing to a stranger's music deletes all the existing music.)

    But (I'm guessing) the apps that appear in iTunes ARE the ones on my iPhone, copied during the "tranfer purchases" process, data and all. So re-enabling sync doesn't actually destroy anything, it just replaces them.

    Of course, I haven't been brave enough to actually try this to see if it works ... I'll read a bit more, but I've got to re-enable app sync oneday ... or do I.
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    OK, So I finally bit the bullet and re-enabled "sync applications". And it worked! None of the data on my iPhone was wiped out. It didn't even copy the apps from iTunes to iPhone.

    Here's the sequence:
    - make a backup (just in case)
    - transfer purchases from iPhone to iTunes (right-click on your iPhone in iTunes)
    - re-enable sync applications (ignore the warning, but before you click "sync", make sure all the existing apps on your iPhone are selected to be synced)
    - click sync

    No problems. Whew. That message scared me for days.