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How can i tell if my macbook pro is overheating? when i have it charging, the battery gets extremely hot.

How can i tell if this is normal or if my computer is in danger?

Mac Book Pro 15 in, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Install iStat Pro and this will display the temperatures of the key components and things like the fan speeds.

    The MacBook Pro has safety mechanisms that will kick in if things get too warm and it will shut down before any real damage happens.

    It's not unusual for the case to get warm in some situations but "extremely hot" sounds more than this, see what temperatures are shown for 'enclosure base' ?

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    ok well here are my temps with my charger plugged in : CPU 155 F (and rising), GPU 146 F...and temps all similar....

    is that normal?! that seems insanely hot

    The enclosure base is 95 F

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    All perfectly within normal parameters Remember the temperatures inside are not comparable with those outside. Inside these machines they do get hot. That is normal. Outside will get "warm" and can be uncomfortable. If outside is actually HOT then there is a problem but with all due respect the term HOT seems to be exaggerated alot and maybe not intentionally. People are just worried and quite rightly so. Please be re-assured that from your thread your computer is fine!
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    is 95 Degrees F normal for the enclosure base though?
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    Perfectly normal yes
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