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I have videos that are in avi format, can iTunes convert them into something it can play?

Gateway, Windows XP
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    No, iTunes will not play nor convert AVI files. The formats iTunes can play can be found here, among other places:


    You'll need to use some other application to convert your AVIs to an iTunes-compatible format. If you search this forum for "video convert", you should find a number of suggestions.
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    thanx a bunch
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    The previous answer was very misleading. It implies that iTunes can't be made to play AVI files. That is not true. If QuickTime can be made to play AVI then so can iTunes and FrontRow. The following open source component is free, and a piece of cake to install (as shown in the hand-holding video on its site). See "perian.org".

    Installing perian will immediately make QuickTime player and FrontRow be able to play AVI files. Stick your .avi files inside your "Movies" folder so you can navigate to them in FrontRow (without having to trick iTunes into importing them).
    To import into iTunes, one more trick is needed since itunes doesn't recognize .avi files...they need to have a special sort of alias file created for each. Apple provides the free developer program MakeRefMovie which does that. (The program is all over the web if you don't really want to sign up for free developer status...google "download MakeRefMovie")

    Quick Tutorial for this whole process here-->

    Gory details tutorial for MakeRefMovie here-->

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    That's all very nice info. I'm going to try it on my Mac at work.

    However, the OP is using Windows. It appears that the Perian QT component is Mac OS X only.