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I have an on-going problem with my out-of-warranty 3G phone.

When plugged into either the PC or wall charger, the battery symbol will not show as lightning, but as plug. The battery thinks it is full but when I unplug it, it hasn't taken any charge.
It knows it's plugged in, but will not take a charge.

The phone then obviously runs down until it won't switch on, and shows the large red empty battery and 'plug me in!' symbol.
Again the lightning symbol comes up when I plug it in, but it stays stuck lit up on this screen for hours and doesn't ever go to Apple symbol and turn on the phone.

I have rebooted the phone (holding both buttons).
I've restored the entire phone through itunes.
I've tried rebooting the computer with the phone plugged into it to force it to recognise it.

None of these worked.

I took the handset to my local Belfast Apple Store, where they told me the phone was showing red at the bottom (water damage) but not at the headphones end. Not surprising as I haven't let it get damaged.
This meant it was out of warranty and they wouldn't repair it for me.

They gave me the address of an independant phone repair place who checked the phone over and said there was no water damage, and it was most likely the battery.

I couldnt afford to get it repaired.

A couple of days later I was fiddling around with it again and amazingly it started charging.

I struggle to get the phone to take a charge, and have to check its on the battery lightning charging symbol while I'm trying to recharge it.
I also can't use the phone in any way whilst charging or it reverts to the 'full battery' plugged in symbol (but isn't fully charged).

This was awkward, but worked for a month, now it's run down to switched off again and won't charge/turn on/be recognised in itunes.

What should I do???
Replace the battery? Or could it be the phone?
it's not the cable as I have two different 3G USB cables I've tried.

Should I give in and buy the £130 replacement out of warranty hand set??

PC, Windows 2000