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Just ordered a new Mac Pro (ATI Radeon HD 4870 512MB), couldn't afford an apple display.

I'm looking to take advantage of the dual monitor option.

Can anyone tell me whether I need an adapter to connect the following monitors? Or even if the following monitors will work with the NEW Mac Pro?

Main monitor - Samsung T220 22" TFT Monitor 1680x1050 20,000:1 2ms VGA/DVI.

Secondary monitor - Dell E151FPp 15" VGA.

G4 (FW800) 1GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.4), iPod Touch, Apple TV, PC XP, Dell Laptop Vista, iPAQ H3900
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    Be careful about mixing the 4870 with third party monitors. Make sure to test it out thoroughly before you return period is up. There have been display issues with the 4870 and any third party monitors. It is not guaranteed, however quite common.
    Check for mouse jumping, display anomalies, etc. The monitors listed should work however, it seems you need two adapters:

    This one should be included with your mac pro:


    It depends on which monitors you want to hook up, but there are also these adapters:



    You could just hook your samsung DVI to DVI, then use the MDP to VGA for the Dell, however make sure to read the reviews carefully, as MDP to VGA (and MDP to DVI for that matter) hasn't had a really great track record according to a lot of people.
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    Thanks noice_T

    Brilliant advice.

    The plan is to carry out most of my work on the 22" Samsung, whilst using the 15" Dell to view reference material all at the same time.

    Will the Mini Displayport to VGA adapter allow me to do this, if the monitors are compatible?
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    Therotically, yes. However, I think you're going to have to give it a shot and see what your results are first hand. It's difficult because you have two possible problems:

    1. Not sure how the 4870 and third party monitors will act. There isn't really any specific info on brands that work and brands that do not. There have been a lot of threads about the 4870, 10.5.7, and third party monitors.

    2. The integrity of the MDP to VGA. If you are close to an apple store, it would be best, as you could try out the adapter, see if it works. If it doesn't just return it. If not though, its kind of a hassle. Try reading the MDP to VGA reviews, there are 134 reviews so perhaps within there might be someone with a dell or similar.

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    Thanks again for the brilliant advice.

    I'll read the reviews and maybe give it a go.
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    I am using a 4870 card with two non-Apple displays. One is an Eizo CG241W, and the other is an older Dell 2405FPW. I installed the video card as a replacement for two of the 120 cards. The 4870 and monitors have worked perfectly since I turned them on. I prefer two 24" displays to one or two 30" displays. If I sit far enough away from the 30" display/s to see the whole screen/s, I am too far away to see details. But using PhotoShop with two 24" displays works well for me. Display one shows only the image I'm working on, and the second display shows the tools and misc odds and ends.

    I highly recommend the setup I am using except for the price of the Eizo monitor. However, even though cream is expensive, it does float.

    good luck,

    Joe Stephenson