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My internet connection is OK (I'm able to surf and get e-mail) but I can't see my base station on just one of my computers. It shows up in the others, so I don't think it's a problem with the AEBS. I've tried re-installing the Airport Utility software, repairing permissions, etc. but it just keeps saying it can find a base station. Any ideas?

2.4ghz MacBook Pro, Dual 2.5ghz G5 Power Mac, 667mhz TiBook, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Welcome to the discussions!

    You are trying to connect wirelessly, correct? If so, which computer will not connect to the Extreme? I assume that it is in range and has good signal strength, correct?
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    My MacBook Pro won't list my AEBS in Airport Utility, but it connects to the internet just fine. I also have an iMac and a PowerMac G5 that the AEBS shows up just fine. The MBP used to be fine for managing my network via Airport Utility, but all of a sudden it's not there anymore. Strange since it's connecting to the network just fine.
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    OK, thanks for the clarification.

    If you haven't already tried this, connecting an ethernet cable from your computer directly to one of the LAN ports on the base station will usually allow AirPort Utility to "see" the device.

    You may need to restart the Extreme and your computer as part of the sequence.

    And sometimes, the device will just "appear" after 10-15 minutes or so after a restart. I have no idea why this is.