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Bill Connelly Level 1 (20 points)
I cloned all my document files from another Mac /Volumes/Docs to my local one, and called them localuser /Volumes/Docs, but the Owner, Group etc is incorrect for my new localuser.

Can I do a BatChmod, first on the entire /Volumes/Docs, changing all subfolders and contents to:

Owner: localuser Read Write Execute
Group: admin Read Write Execute
everyone: Read Execute

Then go back and only change the top level /Volumes/Docs using:

Owner: root Read Write Execute
Group: admin Read Write Execute
everyone: Read Execute

Will this re-establish the proper Ownership and Access Privileges (Access Permissions)?

Is there another Forum where I could ask others maybe more familiar with BatChmod? Here's where BatChmod can be found (but no Forum):


QS 2002 Dual 1GHz & DA Dual 533 (Mac Plus, Performa 6116, PPC 8500 G4/450), Mac OS X (10.5.7), Tiger 10.4.11 on Yikes! oc'd @ 450 + Sonnet G4/450 on 8500
  • BDAqua Level 10 (121,620 points)
    Don't do the whole Volumes thing, just the Docs folder to match your Documents folder.

    Bill, ask more if that isn't clear.
  • Bill Connelly Level 1 (20 points)
    Your suggestion is clear; but, I had already experimented, Creative Scientific that I am, and had done what I described above in an attempt to repair things on that partition ... what did I actually do? The Get Info on partition Docs shows:

    Owner: system
    Access: Read and Write

    Group: admin
    Access: Read and Write

    others: Read only

    and the individual folders and their contents show:

    Owner: "local username"
    Access: Read and Write

    Group: admin
    Access: Read and Write

    others: Read only

    I'm wondering if things are back to normalcy, but I don't have much to compare it to ... originally using CCC 3.2.1 across a Network, the Docs partition had the issues with Owner (local username) , Group (unknown) and Others. {an example in ( )}.

    Would also like to apply this "technique" to my Apps partition ... but I sense that may be a deeper issue since "name.app" is really a packaged deal?

    Have to admit, I've muddied the waters with my attempts to physically move disks and backup partitions around 2 of my computers, further adding use of Leopard on one, and Tiger on the other, and am now trying to use them as a backup for each other ... along with wanting to continue to work on files on each in my 2 studios. I started a thread here:

    but I'm guessing it was too involved to invoke much more of a response than "run away" ... or more from my childhood: "duck and cover".

    I have CCC, OnyX, BatChmod and applejack (current/OS X dependent versions) as tools for backup and repair, but need some guidance how to do so. Maybe making Owner "system" on all my Apps and Docs (partition level and subfolders) would solve all my issues, across machines and locally?

    Have I messed up my system (those invisible files, etc), and things are now poised to eventually break apart? The Docs partition files appear to behave normally: I can open files, modify with apps, and Save them, and also copy files to the folders, without having to Authenticate. Before, Saving didn't work and I had to Authenticate to copy to them.

    Suggestions welcomed.
  • BDAqua Level 10 (121,620 points)
    BatChMod is pretty powerful... Normally you don't want to change rights on the whole drive, but it appears you're OK on that one.

    One question, when you say "Apps and Docs partitions", do you mean Partitions or Folders?
  • Bill Connelly Level 1 (20 points)

    My hard drive partitioning scheme is:

    Leopard 10.5.7
    Tiger 10.4.11

    Each is a separate partition.

    When I'm booted into Leopard, they show up under Disk Utility as:

    /Volumes/Tiger 10.4.11

    I'm hoping its not exactly the same as running BatChmod on a "whole volume" ... which is warned against on the BatChmod page.

    I also have a note in to its creator ... maybe he'll respond, European Time (France?).
  • rccharles Level 5 (7,075 points)
    Information on File system permissions

    By the way, your home folder is referred to as ~

  • Bill Connelly Level 1 (20 points)
    Thanks for the reference on explanations about Access and Permissions ... was looking for that, and others.

    (Clarification: I'm not using the Home folder for my documents ... I use a separate partition. When I drag the Docs partition to BatChmod, it shows up as /Volumes/Docs)
  • Bill Connelly Level 1 (20 points)
    According to the BatChmod creator, if I understood him correctly, there's no issues in changing the whole extra partition's Owner, Group and Everyone ... from the /Volumes/Partition down ... just steer clear of doing it to the OS X partition (my interpretation). So each of my Apps and Docs extra partitions should have no problems when changing all. Also don't need to go back and change the /Volumes/Docs level to system(root),admin,others as I was conjecturing awhile ago ...

    Seems like using the latest version of BatChmod 1.51 runs well on both Leopard and Tiger, and changes the parameters as:

    Owner: username Read, Write, Execute
    Group: admin Read, Write, Execute
    Everyone: Read,,Execute

    and things seem to have calmed down. Using the username as the Owner, I can Read, Write and Execute without Authentication or Save/Resave issues.