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Carter Prine Level 1 Level 1
I have had this problem in the past... I put in a burnable DVD one day, the same format I've always used, on the same iDVD I've always used, but the burns are not working. When the disc pops up on the desktop, it is labled "Untitled DVD.fpbf". I got on the phone with AppleCare last time, (while I was still covered by it), and they had me trash my preference files and save the ones I need (like email prefs, etc.) It worked!!... For 2 months, and now I tried doing the same thing, but it did not work. I did all of the other things as well, like repairing permissions from the Startup disc and all that. Can anyone help me?
  • John Beatty1 Level 6 Level 6
    I think you can prevent this by going to your CD/DVD prefs in the system preferences, and set "when you insert a blank DVD" to "ask" or "ignore"

    Also, when burning with iDVD or disk utiltiy or toast, don't insert the DVD until prompted to insert one.

    John B.