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Hello. I just got a Macbook Pro and have always been a PC user. When I logged into the computer for the first time, it asks for my Apple ID and/or email that I used to purchase my Macbook. I have two Apple IDs (one created to develop for the iPhone). Does it matter which Apple ID I use?

What else is this Apple ID used for on the Macbook and anything else in the future that might use it?

I guess I am kind of confused because I have an email for my Apple ID account setup, but another email address I actually use day to day for other things. I didn't want things to conflict if that is an issue. How does Mail work on the Macbook? I mean I gave the Macbook my gmail account and it spent a long time downloading all these messages. But it didn't look like my gmail account when I login to gmail using the internet.

For iChat, my gf has an old mac that has iChat and she thinks she signed up with an old AOL email account, but also has a gmail email address, but hasn't signed up for iChat using gmail on her old G4. I used my gmail account to sign up for iChat. How do I either (a) add her AOL email account to my buddy list so we can chat to each other using iChat, or (b) if she signs up for iChat using her gmail account that would essentially do the same thing?

Sorry for the probably stupid questions. I watched some of the tutorials of PC to Mac, but this wasn't covered. Thanks!

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    How does Mail work on the Macbook?

    Mail is an email client and its interface was designed by Apple; it doesn't use the webmail interface of Gmail or other services.

    if she signs up for iChat using her gmail account that would essentially do the same thing?

    Yes. AOL and Gmail chat are different services.

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    it doesn't matter what email you use; in fact you don't have to put that in at all. apple uses this info to register your computer to you.

    "mail" is an email software similar to entourage, but it interfaces readily with other apple products (just like entourage does with other microsoft products). If you'd input your gmail stuff into entourage, it would show using the entourage interface, not the gmail; it's the same thing with mac mail.

    you don't have to mess with adding new accounts or any of that; if you have an identity and she has an identity, you can add each other to ichat. if you don't, ichat will show you how to give yourself an identity.

    feel free to post any stupid questions you have; welcome to the mac. if you're really stumped, go to an apple store and talk to anyone there. if your questions are tough they might refer you to the genius bar, but if you go on a weekday morning you'll have a lot of luck finding someone with the time to help
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    Great thanks! In face I have more stupid questions :P.

    So I started playing with my MacBook more, and is there a way to have my mail like my iPhone in that I have say 5 email accounts, and I'd kind of just like all of them listed there so I can check whichever account has new mail. I thought it was a great feature on the iPhone that the PC doesn't have that's way better than manually logging into each individual email account.

    The other day, when trying to login into the discussions form, the Apple site asked me to create an alias (jwfc19), even though I logged into my account with my old apple id (my email address and this account, jwfc). Does anyone know what's going on there? I'm trying to consolidate some of my stuff and not have all these different accounts!

    I'm trying to compare iCal and Address Book to Google Calender and Google Contacts. I currently use the Google stuff since I can access them anywhere where this internet. I don't use anything more than that then putting down, "Doctor's appt, time, date, alarm, or a birthday or something like that" in Google Calender so I didn't know if there were huge benefits in the Mac versions of these software.

    Lastly, for now , I noticed in Safari, I logged into my Apple ID. However, when I try logging out, and inputting my other Apple ID, it automatically logs me back with my last Apple ID account. Is there a setting change for this? Thanks!
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    No problem-- we're all here to help!

    In Mail, you can use File > Add Account, and go through the setup process. Like Outlook, Mail uses a common Inbox and Sent box, but unlike Outlook, it automatically creates "smart folders" for each account, so you can see the mail separately too. So, for instance, if you click on "Inbox", you'll see all mail; but if you click the little triangular arrow next to "Inbox", you'll see a listing of all your accounts. Same is true for the "Sent" box.

    As far as calendar and Address Book, the nice thing about them is that you can use them across your whole computer-- so for instance, if you add something to Address Book, Mail can access it, etc. But the advantage of Google Apps-- as you already mentioned-- is that you can view them anywhere.

    When you say you logged into Safari using your Apple ID, where did you login? Was it on a certain website?
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    It was this site here actually. I logged into the discussion forums yesterday to post my questions, and Apple's website made me create an alias, which I asked my initial questions as jwfc19. And then now it doesn't ask for that anymore, and I seem to be posting as my original alias as jwfc. Furthermore, since I have a separate Apple ID and so does my girlfriend, if we use this computer, when we log into the Apple site, it would seem that it would keep remembering my Apple ID without giving the option to enter a new Apple ID. Thanks!