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I reset the iphone because I bought it from a friend. Now, all I can do is make emergency calls. It shows a picture of the itunes icon with a usb cable. I tried putting in my SIM card and it wont let me do anything but turn it on and off. What do I do?
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    I'm stuck on the same screen after updating to 3.0. Rebooting doesn't fix the problem. I can enter my PIN once but it doesn't accept it and goes the emergency call screen. Please help.

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    it did the following and then it went back to normal

    iphone was on (emergency only screen)
    connected via usb
    quit itunes and restarted
    and then it was ok
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    I have exactly the same situation. Updated to 3.0 using my developer account. Made a call this morning without problem. An hour later, I tried to make another phone call. Purple screen. Only emergency calls allowed. My phone was not even connected to the computer when it went dead. I wasn't even using it!

    Apple Genius is not available for TWO days. I never expected Apple to not care especially after I bought Apple Care!
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    I had the same problem Wed night, and have managed to solve it.

    I followed Apple's "Unable to restore" guidelines:


    I followed them to the letter.

    It took a while (in part due to my network and how I have my iTunes library stored), but it did a complete reset on the phone, and then reloaded my data (I had a backup on iTunes from an earlier sync).

    Interestingly, it restored me to OS 3. Sadly, I now have the "grayed out" wifi and bluetooth problem, but it's an improvement over being locked out entirely.

    One note: at one point during the forced recovery, my iPhone displayed the "emergency calls only screen" screen again ... but it then chimed twice and continued without a problem.

    Hope this helps.
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    Have you tried to connect the phone to a computer running the newest verison of iTunes and activating the phone?
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    It took a while to fix it for me as well. I tried it on a PC and on a Mac. Finally succeeded on a PC. There are a lot of inaccurate advice such as downgrading the software before upgrading again. I tried that. Tried downgrading Itunes, and also downloaded OS 2.2.2. That advice DOES NOT work in 3.0.

    Here are the steps for PC:

    Hook up the iphone to your PC. Open ITunes.

    Press the power button and home button at the same time on your Iphone. Ignore the red button when it appears. After the phone turns off, continue to press the home button until a window opens on the PC indicating a restore is needed.

    Press the "Shift" button while clicking on the "Restore" button in ITunes. It starts to download the none-beta version of OS 3.0. If this doesn't happen, you have to reboot your PC until it does. It took many tries in my case.
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    When my Iphone died, the screen was purple, not black. Did everyone have the screen color?