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    Done everything here too and, since DH's new identical iPod Touch 2G on 2.2.1 works fine on our wifi why did mine stop working as soon as I upgraded it to 3.0? Nope, I don't think it's got anything to do with problems that we have with our router since I know it works with DH's Touch.
  • luvlabs Level 4 (3,610 points)

    We get a lot of first timers here (and since you only have six posts, you probably would fall in that ranking with me) that don't know a lot about their iPods. Manual, what's that? Support website? I think you get my meaning. I never assume and I try to keep the explanations simple for all audiences.

    We would all like to know what is happening with WiFi and the 3.0 firmware, but we have discovered some workarounds that seem to support a return to full functionality. I'm glad you were able to downgrade and have it working again.

    There seem to be about 4 things that work to restore functionality (short of downgrading):
    1. Rename your network and log back into it
    2. Forget your network, reset your network settings, log back in using Other network
    3. Turn off "Ask to Join Networks" and reset your iPod
    4. Resetting your router to operate in B/G mode only

    So if you had tried all four of those suggestions and still had a problem, I would ask you what type of encryption you were running. I always encourage people to upgrade to WPA/WPA2-psk.
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    Hi, i am also having similar wifi problems, mainly the range at which i can connect to my home wireless is appaling since i upgraded the Ipod software. To even find my wireless at all i have to be within about 1-2 metres from the HomeHub wherease before the upgrade i could successfully connect to it from anywhere in the house. Any help would be much appreciated as this is extremley annoying and inconvenient. Thanks
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    f**k that 3.0! mine got problem on wifi connection after i updated it, i can't connect on the internet! we all got the same issues.. apple should resolve all these as soon as possible! apple should give my $9.99 back!
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