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  • Booey Level 1 Level 1
    I imagine I have the original APN/ Carrier file, unless when Apple had me restore and reset several times, it changed something? I see your instructions above and I guess we may try that next. Right now, nothing really seems to be a fix for this "iDrain" that has been aptly named. We are all just grasping in hopes of fixing this.

    It would be great if Apple would just publicly acknowledge this issue and make a statement as to them being aware and working on a fix. It would save so many of us headaches in trying to figure this mess out. Instead of them telling me I qualify to upgrade and buy a new iPhone - like that makes me feel so much more confident when the new ones are going through this too. I already spent $500 on this thing. My husband's is perfectly normal and is the same age phone. Our APPS match, except I removed all APPS I had over the past 1 1/2 years. And, whereas my settings are all off, his are on and running fine and he has 6 screens of APPS - I have just under 2 now.

    The only difference I can mention is that I grabbed the 3.0 when it first launched. I had a nightmare of a time with the update. It locked up my phone and Apple had to walk me through resetting it. They told me that issue happened with 2.0 and it wasn't suppose to with 3.0, but it did - at least that first day. After 3.5 hours of "fixing" this issue, my phone finally started working normal - for about 2 weeks.

    andersonincyprus - 3.0.1 was a texting security update, as Florian.K. mentioned. It didn't correct this heat issue. But you should get that update anyway.
  • andersonincyprus Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks all for the ideas and info.

    Basically for me it was just a severe battery drain that happened when Push was enabled, even on wifi as I tend to not use the cellular data network and have no information in there (even the odd occasion where I do use it with valid APN settings, this doesn't affect anything). I can still have Location services on & wifi, it was only solved when Push was disabled. With that off everything works fine.

    Will get the new update anyway. Thanks again - much appreciated. Odd problem as it seems to affect random iPhone users from 2G right up to the new one! My wife has the 3G but has not had this issue at all? Weird!
  • Florian.K Level 1 Level 1
    The problem is the combination of incorrect APNs, push and notifications, as the latter two services try to access the network constantly and are unable to do so if the APN is not valid.

    Simply turning off the services does NOT do the trick, follow my suggestions on page 11, granted you lose push and notifications over WiFi until Apple finally offers a fix for this or a possibility to turn of 3G AND EDGE.

    The battery problem is gone for now, but I have to admit I have not tested extensively. Both Push and Notifications are off now.

    It is not acceptable though, I paid 719 EUR for a factory unlocked phone, officially sold by Apple, and I also pay for MobileMe and now these problems prevent me from using the products the way they were advertised with no fault whatsover on the user side.

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  • Booey Level 1 Level 1
    I agree. When we turned my location services off, I couldn't get phone calls or text messages. That also happened to be a day when a friend got locked out of their house and couldn't reach me for help. figures

    It's so sporadic. I am a little pleased that my phone is ok now for almost 24 hours and has not been hot once. We'll see closer to 5pm EST, as it seems the evening hours are when the heat issues happen more. But then again, that's sort of speculated too at this point.
  • Grant Cramer1 Level 1 Level 1
    How can we go back to 2.2.1? I have had similar problems and now after reading all of the thread think this would be the best option to see if it is the source of the problem.
  • nhower Level 1 Level 1
    this was the exact same issue I had. Evidently, my Exchange server was pushing email to my iPhone account every 3 seconds...constantly. I adjusted my email/Push settings (every 30 minutes) and solved the problem. On your iPhone, Go to Settings/Mail, Contacts/Calendars and select Fetch New Data. Turn Push OFF and select your alternative. At first I thought I would miss getting email messages but it's pretty much the same because when you log into your iphone email app, and select, search for new messages, they download instantly. I don't know why I was able to solve this on my own after 2 visits to the "genius" station. hmmmm.
  • Catallactic Level 1 Level 1
    Hey Florian,
    Just to let you know you're not alone with this problem. I have a factory unlocked 3G from Belgium (new last week) and thought my battery was defective. I, like you, have the Fake APN installed to prevent data when in other countries on other SIMs. After the Genius Bar's reset, which was their only advice, I noticed an immediate change in battery charging and life. Then when i reinstalled the FakeAPN I killed the battery in 30 mins. I never thought it could be that program.

    I just removed the APN, reset the phone, and starting from scratch with your process. Stinks to not have Push/Notification, but I'll edit/update tomorrow after a full charge and usage with my experience.

    Thanks for spending the time though to figure this out. Cheers.
  • Booey Level 1 Level 1
    I'm still in the same situation. Battery still drains and I really don't like my phone right now. Not much I can do except put my card into an old LG we have and use it until either Apple fixes this mess or until my contract runs out in a few months. Very disappointed as I really thought Apple customer service was better than this. I have done everything they asked and it's still happening. I pretty much have given up right now. I just keep it plugged in mostly all day long. If I even send 2 text messages, the phone starts to rapidly drain! It's just not what a smartphone should be. To make it worse, my husband's phone is fine and he still has all his pages of APPS - unlike me.

    It's been well over a month for me now. Not happy at all
  • joered-palma Level 1 Level 1
    I just upgraded to 3.1 and it solved the problem!
    Turned on PUSH and battery life and CPU activity is normal!

  • Booey Level 1 Level 1
    Wow - Thanks to your post, I saw that 3.1 was out. I updated right after you did.

    NOTE: Update your iTunes FIRST to 9.0 and then update to the iphone 3.1. - iTunes kept messing up and I had to reinstall it 4 times. The update made me uninstall and reinstall because the installer had issues.

    Anyway, my phone has been fine for the past 5 hours. It's not hot and the battery is fine. I am going to leave it off the charger all night and see how it is in the morning.

    I have also reinstalled ALL of my APPS - all 5 screens and have WIFI on as well as notifications on. PUSH is still off, as I don't mind that being manual.

    I dogged my phone for the past hour by updating it through the phone and the battery was still normal - so that tells me 3.1 had a fix, even though Apple doesn't mention the heat issue being fixed in 3.1

    I will report back tomorrow if my phone is fine or not.

    For those out there who have been going through this since June, like me, I hope you find 3.1 fixes your phone too. I am interested in knowing if others are getting fixed too.

    Thanks joered-palms for informing us of the new update and glad yours is fixed too.

    BTW - I LOVE the new 9.0 iTunes. You can rearrange your APP icons right in iTunes and not have to drag on your phone any longer. Very cool.
  • Booey Level 1 Level 1
    Update - It has been 15 hours so far with my phone unplugged and the battery is still full and the phone is cold.

    This is the first time since 3.0 came out that my phone hasn't drained within a couple of hours or drained overnight if I forgot to plug it in. Talk about two months of frustration!

    *Go get your 3.1 update* and see if that helps your iPhone too.
  • Bluebomber4evr Level 1 Level 1
    3.1 did not fix this problem for me. In fact, it's worse than it ever was before. I've tried all the various tricks in this thread with no results whatsoever:

    -I have NEVER had push on at any time, ever. It was already off when I upgraded.

    -I cannot change APN, as I'm a U.S. customer and they don't let you change it. Thus, I don't have a fake profile messing things up.

    -I don't have a notifications tab because I don't have any apps. This also means I don't have any apps running in the background.

    -I've tried resetting network settings and restoring it as a new phone and it changes absolutely nothing.

    -I don't use exchange for my email.

    -Turning off my email account doesn't affect anything either

    At this point I really don't know what to do. :\
  • ddd910 Level 1 Level 1
    Fake Apn and iPhonenodata don't work on my iPhone 2G OS 3.0.1 unlocked and jailbroke with Redsnow.
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