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Hey, I downloaded the update no problem this morning, it installed apparently then it went to "Verifying updated iPhone software..." and it stayed on that... for hours. I eventually restarted my computer to see if that would help. It had me restore my iPhone, which I did, and it went through its little process and now I am stuck on "Verifying iPhone software..." is there any fix to this? I am running Windows XP and iTunes is completely up to date.

  • jljrrneuman Level 1 (0 points)
    I really don't want to "bump" this topic so I am going to say this is still occurring. It will still not verify the software. Thanks in advanced for helping me out if you can!
  • cajunprincess79 Level 1 (5 points)
    I wish someone could help i have the same issue
    i got to download 3.0 software and the my phone is stuck in verifying iphone software
  • redxk8 Level 1 (90 points)
    Did you follow the step in one of the earlier posts of shutting down your internet connection as the software download was extracting and then turning the Internet connection back on only after you saw the Apple logo and the progress bar beneath it? That worked perfectly for me.
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    *at this point i am livid i have been to the apple store 2 times in the last teo months because of this problem both times when i have come home i have been able to re sync my iphonen with music and such but not being able to restore stinks the store is 2 hours away and really can't be going everytime this happens any help*

    *i have un-installed itunes and re-installed and done the same with apple mobile device*

    *does anyone have these problems and what can be done has anyone had help over the phone with apple and was is good quaility help*
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    This now makes the 3rd update I've had this problem with! Very frustrating. Only way I know to resolve this is to go to Apple Store and have them update the iPhone. You then have to go home and sync your phone with your iTunes to get all your info back, i.e. contacts, music, etc.
  • cajunprincess79 Level 1 (5 points)
    yeah i figured just one more try i am re-installing itunes again maybe i will be luckly i dont even care if i have 3.0 software at this point just want my phone
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    Please let me know if reinstalling iTunes resolves the problem. Otherwise, its off to the Apple Store tomorrow and absolutely no phone available for the night.
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    I tried the disconnect the internet cable and still nothing. I am still stuck on the USB chord to the iTunes logo. and iTunes says "Verifying iPhone software" I really would like to fix this here at home and not have to go to the Apple store. And wouldn't reinstalling iTunes get rid of my back up file?
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    I had a similar problem last year when the 3G's came out and the 2.0 update. It stuck at the same point I remember. When it timed out I was left with a iPhone that didn't do anything. I had to go to work so I wasn't able to do anything for about 12 hours, but when I reconnected again I re-downloaded the update and everything went fine. I had heard that others had the same problem, and believed part of the problem was too many people downloading the update at the same time. When I did it the second time, which was 24 hours after the release, it went smoothly. This time I didn't have a problem with the update but with the phone running warm, Edge network inaccessible and battery draining quickly.
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    Yeah its about 24 hours afterwards and I tried again. I'm still getting stuck on "Verifying iPhone software" I don't have another computer at the moment to try and restore on, but after some searches this may be the solution. If I try it on another computer and it doesn't work I will probably go to an Apple Store unless someone else has any suggestions. Thanks for the tips guys.
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    I have had this same problem with EVERY update to my phone. It's absolutely ridiculous for Apple to ask me to reinstall iTunes as a possible solution.

    At least this time I was a little smarter - I scheduled a Genius Bar appointment before I even started the update, because I knew in the end I would have to go to the store.
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    I tried reinstalling iTunes, and also doing a DFU restore, and neither appear to work. I just continue to hang out on "Verifying iPhone software" on the iPhone there is not even a slide for emergency call or an information thing I can tap. Just the USB to iTunes logo.
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    well got up this morning sent an app. at apple store 2 hours away luckly they had one open so i went in and they were able to restore phone with 3.0 update so nice i think from now on i will just wait til i can go to apple store
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    Did you have to make an appointment or did you just walk in?
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