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Something obviously changed as far as power/battery managements goes with the 3.0 upgrade. My battery has always lasted all day with medium usage throughout the day. After I upgraded to 3.0 yesterday evening, I connected it to my charger over night, unpluged it around and by 10am this morning the battery was completely drained. So within in 4 hours (of non-use), the battery went from fully charged to ZERO. What is up with this???? It can’t just be a coincidence. I have restarted it twice now, charged it and within a few hours its drained again. @^#&(@&#^&@

Anyone else having this same issue?

iPhone G3, iPhone OS 3.0
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    There's probably about 4 threads on this, ha. But a lot of people are having this problem.
    Hopefully it'll get resolved in the next update.
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    And I wonder how long we will have to way for a fix.
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    No idea.
    It's a hassle though, no doubt.
    Especially when you use the iPod a lot, like myself. In combination with texting and everything else, my battery is shot in a couple hours.
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    No battery problems here, so far, it's pretty much what has been advertised. Did you do a reset after the upgrade, not just turn it off and turn in back on? That may help.

    I went all day yesterday, 10 hours of a work day, with many calls, a few text messages - inbound, with a reply, a whole lot of email, and calendaring - I use it primarily as a phone, imagine that, and rarely use the fru fru, like for music, videos, MMS nonsense, etc.

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    Yep (sleep and round button until Apple shows up). I reset it last night after the 2 hour installation. After I noticed that the battery was drained this morning, I figured that maybe something was frozen and stayed running (or something) so I reset it and then charged it up. It drained quickly again and so just for the heck of it I reset it once more and plugged it back in. It’s still charging up as I type. Ugh.
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    See thread: "Battery life *** since update to iPhone OS 3.0"
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    I have the same problem. I usually have everything turned on, wifi, bluetooth, push etc...Never had a battery draining so fast before 3.0 upgrade.

    I found a possible cause, at least for me.

    I did some testing with reset and restores. After a complete reset of EVERYTHING. I didn't do a restore and manually went in to re-create my email accounts. I added Yahoo, then Gmail. Battery was fine. Lasted full day with no charge and it was still at 75%.

    Here's where I think the problem is. After another full charge, I lastly add my company EXCHANGE email account into the phone. Immediately after 2 hours, phone battery was done to 50%. I used to also have this account on my phone prior to 3.0 with PUSH with no problems.

    Conclusion: Fast Battery Drain Problem Linked to having a Exchange Account w/PUSH attached to phone.