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Jim Stembridge Level 2 Level 2
I have an iPhone 3G (nov 2008 model). I accepted letting it upgrade to 3.0 this morning. I had 2.2.1 and it did a proper backup right before starting the 3.0 upgrade.

Halfway through the upgrade, I got a wierd error message saying it could not upgrade my phone and of course gave me the black screen with the USB cable - meaning you gotta start over.

I'm thinking, it did a backup so it should be able to install the new OS and restore all the data. 6 hours later, it's still trying to sync. It lost the restore cause right after it finally did install 3.0, it performed a backup. Great. Overwrote my older backup I'm sure.

So all I want is for it to restore the backup it completed BEFORE I started the 3.0 upgrade. Is there anyway to restore to an older backup or does iTunes ONLY keep one backup?

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