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I downloaded 3.0 yesterday for my iPod touch (2G) and it works fine at home, recognizing my wireless home network and connecting without incident.

However, I went to Starbucks today, and attempted to use the attwifi (as a Starbucks card holder) I could not log on. My touch recognized the attwifi signal, but when I went to select the "Use membership" option (as I normally do) on the att log on screen, within the new "log on" page created by 3.0 to store network passwords, I received an error message saying something like "cannot connect". I repeated the process multiple times, with the same result.

Did anyone else experience similar problems, or better yet know of a fix?

iPod touch 32GB 2G, iPhone OS 3.0
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    uriwvu wrote:
    within the new "log on" page created by 3.0 to store network passwords, I received an error message saying something like "cannot connect".

    What new log on page in 3.0? Other than remembering your log on name (but not password), I haven't seen much else new in Safari log ons. However, your problem could very well be how Safari handles the coding on that page.
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    The iPhone with OS3 doesn't need a password to connect. Could it be that it means that you cannot use your iPod Touch with your AT&T account any more?

    AT&T's instructions here:


    Sounds like you cannot connect with an iPod Touch.
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    I was able to connect this morning same as always. However, it did drop my connection 8x which it has never done before. Still having some strange WiFi behavior.
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    The new "log on" page appeared to be simply a safari webpage (containing the ATT wifi log on selection options) with a bar across the top (much like you see when you enter "Settings" and select Wi-Fi Networks). Along this bar was "Log On" which I assume once you enter your information (if you can get in) would be stored for future use.

    Previously (last several months with my touch) I entered Starbucks and selected "attwifi" from my WiFi Finder app (which now does not work - I guess superseded by 3.0's ability to automatically recognize & connect to wireless networks?), and the att wifi log on page came up, I then entered my user name and password and was connected.
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    One more thing: I do not actually have an AT&T account, nor do I have an iPhone. I have a registered Starbucks card that, if active, allows you to log on to att wifi at Starbucks. My Starbucks card is active and today (with 3.0 on my iPod touch) is the first time I could not log on.
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    I had the same problem earlier today at a Starbucks, and I have an AT&T account (through my DSL). I eventually got it to work, but I had to go into the network settings several times and tell it to "Forget Network", and "Renew Lease" (not sure that's the exact names they had) for the at&t wi-fi. It actually acted more like the server in the store was just locked up, but this could still have something to do with the iPod/iPhone too.

    In any case, it eventually logged on, but I had to wait several minutes for the login screen to come back. After this, it seemed to have no problems automatically logging in. I haven't checked it at a different Starbucks, McDonalds, etc. yet, but I will tomorrow.
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    It sounds like it is the same problem I've been having.


    let's hope Apple looks into this very soon. The easiest fix would be to make the Hotspot-Autologin feature optional.

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    Problem solved?

    Just came back from another Starbucks this morning and repeated the same process as yesterday with my touch. This time, however, when I selected "Use membership" from the AT&T Wifi log on screen, the U/PW page came up, and I was able to log on and connect.

    Apparently Apple/AT&T corrected the "override" problem. If I find anything negative in future log on attempts at wifi hotspots, I'll post.
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    Seems to work fine at Starbucks with AT&T wifi.

    Thanks for all of the replies/support
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    I am having this same problem with my iPod Touch and 3.0.

    I can get on the network at Starbucks, but I have to log in using "Use Membership" and my username/password authentication every single time.

    Once connected, I go to the WiFi section of Preferences and make sure the switch to remember the network and automatically connect is turned to "on." It does not make a difference-- every time I go to connect at S'bux I have to authenticate manually again.

    Previously, I had EasyWifi do all of this automatically for me.

    I've power-cycled the iPod Touch, and I am about to do a slash-and-burn reinstall to see if that makes a difference.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Or am I expecting the wrong thing by having the Touch remember my account information?
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    I am having the same problem too at Starbucks with ATT Wifi in the USA on an iPhone 3G that just got OS3.0.

    It used to work fine. Now it does not. It works fine on my friends iPhone while we stand next to each other. I've tested different Starbucks in different states. It's really maddening.
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    I have the same problem with IPOD Touch, 3.0 OS and ATTWIFI. Talked to ATTWIFI GUY while at SBUX and he can see my connection and IP Address but all I get is a grey'd screen and circling status icon with Connection... I called an Apple tech guy, tried to explain and he acted like he'd never heard of the issue...Hope someone from Apple reads these threads. The Apple guy told me to reset the network, which I did but no help. By the way, I checked my IPOD at McDs (also ATTWIFI)and had the same problem. Then stopped in the Panera Bread parking lot where free (non-ATTWIFI) is present...guess what, no problem and a quick connection. Must be a handshaking problem btwn Safari and ATTWIFI. IPOD connects great to my wireless system at home.
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    As an update... for a day I got it working at Starbucks. Then it stopped the next day and went back to the cycling of the login process, followed by being given an AT&T (ATT) Wifi login screen. There is definitely a bug in the ATT/iPhone/iTouch auto-login process.
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    I am having the same problem all of a sudden. I see the ATT network at Starbucks and Safari goes translucent and the wheel spins round and round. This used to work really well. I am running 3.0. I can get to the App Store with no problem.

    The device connects to my home network with no problem. I was thinking that it was my iPod and was thinking of nuking it. I might hold off since others are having the same issue.