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I've been trying to install iTunes 8.2 on my Windows Vista 32-bit PC. I am able to download the iTunes + Quicktime update, but when I try to install it, I get a message that says: 'iTunes + Quicktime' has an invalid signature. The download has been removed.

And I already updated my iPhone software so now my phone doesn't work. ARGH. Any suggestions?

hp pavilion dv9000, Windows Vista
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    OK NEVERMIND! I just downloaded without using the Apple Software Updater and it worked!
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    I've been trying off and on for weeks and still can't get the 8.2 download... Not on my Vista computer or on my older HP WindowsXP computer... Any ideas? Help! Please!?!
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    Oh, before you ask...

    I've tried installing through my iTunes program on my computer.
    I've tried "fixing" iTunes updates through control panel, add/remove programs.
    I've tried downloading from the website.
    Still getting an invalid signature error.

    I've tried downloading the file to my desktop and running from there. When I click on it to open the installer it looks like it's going to start up but never does anything.

    If I remove iTunes and re-install will I lose all the music I've purchased???

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    Clear your Internet Explorer (or other web browser) cache and try again.

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    In add/remove programs I have
    1. Repaired itunes
    2. removed asu
    3. repaired quicktime

    Then I used task manager to close all backgound tasks.

    Cleared my explorer cache and tried again to download from the apple website, selecting run program instead of save file...

    It seemed to work... But then after I told it to run the program it just dissapeared, just as it was doing when I was downloading it to my desktop, would click it to install and nothing happens...

    Well, at least this is a different error. Any ideas?
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    It seems I have successfully downloaded the program onto my desktop... When I click on it to install it this is what happens:

    1. Double click the iTunesSetup on my desktop
    2. Security Warning: The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software? I click run
    3. Security Warning window closes but nothing happens.

    Please help!
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    the same thing happens to me
    i have tried to download itunes 8.2 off of the apple website and apple update but when i try to open the one i downloaded of the site it goes to the security thing and goes blank and then on the apple update it gets like half way than says "invaled signitures"
    help please
    i just downloaded the 3.0 and cant put it on my ipod
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    Try going into IE > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab
    Scroll down to the security section
    Put a check in the box for "Allow software to run or install even if the signature is invalid"

    SAVE the iTunesSetup.exe, it's a bad idea to run installs over the internet.
    If this works, go back into IE and change that box back to being unchecked when you are through.
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    Having the same problem on multiple computers. Have yet to find a resolution. I've tried every one of the troubleshooting steps provided by Apple. Can't install Quicktime or Safari 4 either. Initially I had tried using the Apple Software Update but failed with the "Invalid Signature" error, then I tried downloading the installer, but it fails to launch and provides no error message (even in the Event Log). Pretty crappy user experience. Not sure whether to blame Apple or Microsoft, but I've tried installing other software and have had no problems, so seems pretty Apple specific.
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    "Itunes 8.2.1 has invalid signature." I'm seeing the same problem. I've tried five times. This is a barrier to Apple gaining a new iphone customer.

    Windows XP
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    I have the EXACT same problem. I've tried everything that Apple has suggested and still no change. This is really ******* me off. I have not been able to sync my touch for over a month. All I wanted to do is update to the 3.0. I keep redownloading it thinking that something might have changed in the installer. Obviously all they care about is getting your money up front. I haven't seen any attempt for them to contact anyone with this problem and try to walk through it to look for a solution.
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    I also ran into this problem (on my Vista Home Premium computer), and could not get iTunes updated. Finally I downloaded the program using Firefox (v.3.5.1) After transferring the downloaded file to the Vista laptop, it ran and installed without any obvious problems. Even a later reboot did not show any abnormalities. I used Firefox because I noticed that the download using IExplorer seemed to stutter and stop at about the 99% mark.
    I hope that this helps some people!