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    OK Finally I found someone with my problem .. When I put the phone near my Tv it start's to emit strange noise ... Battery life is short 22 hrs tops if no use.When I charge the phone it's get's Hot ?! I measure the temperature 72 degrees ..Can someone help? I have this problem form 2 day's i'm running 3.0.1 firmware on iPhone 8 gig it's not very old around 14 month's no way I've Over charged 400 times my battery.
    10x in advance!
    Simeon S.
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    Do you have the Apple Care? If so, call the tech support or schedule an appointment with Apple, make sure you keep a written track of all problems. I use the note pad to keep track of mines. THe following below are most of the issues I have had, plus I have done over 3 restores since 3.0.1.

    **WARNING TO ALL iPhone USERS!**
    Do not press and hold the sleep and home key to fix all issues. It will corrupt the software. One tech told me just use the sleep button to turn it off and then back on, after 15 seconds.

    iPhone 3G Issues Since Update
    -Call failed
    -Slow while texting
    -When calls are done, doesn't hung up unless it's shut off
    -GPS takes longer than before
    -Battery life dies due to notifications and location services
    -Battery dies even when it is locked and in standby
    -Sometimes others can or cannot get my texts
    -Still slow to connect calls
    -Some calls go directly to Voicemail
    -Text msgs were coming in
    -Lost all contacts added after June

    Around July 20th
    -New sim card
    -Reconfigured network in AT&T database
    -Reset network settings in phone

    After calling AT&T
    -Texting input box expands as if you hit enter a few times.
    -Still getting "Cant get mail" notification.
    -Bluetooth interruption and only works at a distance of 2ft or less.
    -Cannot hear callers too clear when using the iPhone up to ear and callers
    can't hear me clear on Bluetooth headset.
    -Calls seem to clip or words cut out when others call.
    -Still have battery life issues. Needs a charge after 8 to 20 hours and
    another at night.
    -Phone freezes when making calls or texting.
    -Takes about 10 to 30 seconds to hear a call dial, after initiating the call.
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    ****.. same thing is happening to me :/ i think its the proccesor.. i rang apple and they told me to send my iphone for repair.. and i was lyk.. em no.. XD
  • DxlilxD Level 1 Level 1
    ... dont be so sure.. my iphone was fine.. then after lyk 2weeks... Pooff... iphone battery f*ed up and it got hotter.. :/
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    Hey everyone!

    I have a iPhone 3G like a lot of you do and I recently noticed as well the battery drainage problem. The weird thing was, when I first got it (few weeks ago), battery life was superb. It felt like I could have gotten a week's use of it before having to charge again (I don't use the phone that much). However, things have gotten sour the past week. The iPhone started to suck my battery like a madman. I would leave it on fully charged at night before I go to sleep, which is around 12-1AM or so and when I wake in the morning at about 7-730ish, the battery is almost dead. I didn't even use it!

    The firmware is 3.0. I have turned off almost all features from 3G, wifi, bluetooth, location services and push email. Nothing helped. However, one feature I forgot to turn off was Push Notifications! I just turned it off and the battery seems to be normal again! I remember it was turned off when I first got the iPhone but I didn't remember turning it back on. Anywho, the battery issue seems OK for now. So it's worth a try for some of you who are scratching your heads over this battery issue.

    The other weird thing like some of you have mentioned is that the phone causes a lot of interference with the radio in my car! When I put it near it, it constantly have that static noise similar to how it sounds when you are about to get a call, only in my case, nothing happens. If I put the phone on the passengers seat, the problem goes away.

    I'm just glad I'm not the only one with these problems.
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    WOW ... it amazes me how manufactures deny that a problem exists.

    I'm on my 6th iphone in 1.5 years. Battery issues started getting real bad since 3.0.

    I too am unwilling to disable features that I rely on (3G, wifi, Bluetooth, Push) to get decent battery life.

    I just got a new replacement yesterday, it came with OS 2.2, via iTunes, I upgraded to 3.0.1. Setup as NEW, and sync'd my music & apps. I added my 3 mail accounts, (2) GMAIL and (1) Exchange. Same thing, 3 hours of total battery life.

    I got bumped to an engineer this time when calling support, her suggestion, remove all my apps. I'm ok with that in testing... guess what, normal battery life again. Be forewarned though, that some activities are just battery hogs... (ie. web surfing.. I surfed for approx 30 minutes and battery jumped from 85% to 50%.)

    Now I am in the process of adding my apps back 1-2 at a time to see when battery issues start again.
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    Well, it's confirmed in my case that turning off Push Notifications will give me back normal battery life of my iPhone 3G.

    The phone was fully charged around 9PM last night and right now as of 10:30AM the next day, the battery bar hasn't decreased a bit! Of course right now, every other function is turned off as well but as least now I know the fault for the massive battery drainage.

    I really hope Apple fixes this issue. Why give us ton of features on the phone when turning them on drains the battery like crazy?!

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    @Payasos - WOW, you're amazing. i can't believe all the trouble you're "willing" to go through. the response you've gotten from tech support sounds like what they told me, but i thought that is just TOO ridiculous.
    i personally, don't have the time to be the tech support they should be, & troubleshoot my phone for 5-7 days straight. i have work to do, and i need it to work!

    i REFUSE to disable all the basic features i bought the phone for (3G, wifi, bluetooth). that is dumb, apple, to suggest that.

    my battery is not as good as it was at 2.2.1, but its improved. i've written about problems i've done on this post before. the only thing significant thing i did in the last month, was power cycling my phone 6-7 times. not a reset, just a power cycle. (we had network issues here on island for a day, so i kept doing that to see if it would come on.) after that, weirdly, i noticed an improvement. prior to that, i also disabled push, which showed some improvement, but not as much as the inexplainable power cycle thing. i don't know if that was it, but its all i've done.

    i'll be curious to hear back from you, and see if the 1-2 apps at a time reveals the battery trouble!
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    This is just my two cents regarding this problem..

    I had exactly the same issue everybody is describing here. After upgrading to 3.0 (and later to 3.0.1) i started noticing overheating and atrocious battery life. I first tried solving it with the logical steps, but disabling push email, 3G, wifi or bluetooth did nothing to make the battery life better.

    Typically I charge overnight mi phone, to have a full battery for the day. After the upgrade, my battery was almost drained after half a day of very light or null usage. Even worse.. many times when I left connected my phone to charge the battery overnight, I woke up to see that the battery was almost dead an the phone was extremely hot, and refused to continue charging.

    I did notice what some of you have pointed here in previous posts.. my phone was constantly transmitting a signal (you can notice that if you put your phone near a speaker). It is not normal for a GSM phone to be transmitting a signal ALL THE TIME (try changing your SIM to another phone).. The typical buzz should be heard only when you have an incoming/outgoing call or SMS.

    After trying a couple of things, I disabled push notifications (I wanted to try everything before an attempt to restore.. I don't want to setup my phone again and lose the information that I have on my backups).. And that worked like magic. Now I'm having on average the same battery life i had before the upgrade.

    I don't know exactly what's happening, but I think that if it took apple a lot to release push notifications, it was because they weren't working just fine. And being 3.0 (and 3.0.1) the first attempt to release them to the public.. well, i don't think they are polished enough, and they aren't working well. I think that this problem should be acknowledged by apple, since a lot of people is having the same issues.

    This should be addressed on 3.1, but for now, I would recommend enabling push notifications just when you need them.. if you need them badly. Or an even better solution.. jailbreak your device, install "backgrounder" and get proper multitasking. It's fairly easy and straight forward.
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    No, non-enabling push feature still doesn't work for me.
    I had the same problem and tried to disable all extras, it didn't work for me neither.
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    I have found a workaround to address this problem with my iPhone 3G. My configuration is not typical however, because I don't have a data plan with my iPhone. I'm using only WIFI for any connectivity features.

    The workaround that I have found is to diseable the email acounts (Settings->Mail->Email Account->Account->Off). After doing that the interference to my computer speakers stopped, the iPhone apps were faster and the battery was able to keep the charge. This is again a workaround, you need to go to settings to enable the email accounts to see your emails... This workaround is working with 3.0 and 3.0.1 software. I'm hoping 3.0.2 or 3.1 will fix this issue.

    Hope this help.
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    I have turned of push notifications and push for mail. My battery life went from 100%-60% with only very little txting and also with 3G-Bluetooth and Wifi off. I hope apple will fix this soon as it is very irritating, also the phone takes way longer to charge as it usually did.

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    well, looks that im one more sucker to the bunch, just updated to 3.0.1, the phone gets too hot when charging, it take a lot to charge, battery goes in hours, ive hear something about the baseband and DFu,
    Phone before updated was ok. what know Apple. . ?
    Im trying everihing, reebooting , reseting, unlocking, dowgrading if i find something i will post again.
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    I have just received a brand new 3GS 32 and Im experimenting same issues. The battery drains even when the phone is in sleep-mode, during the night, it gets very hot and the battery go out.

    In "use" information it appears 4 hours of use during the night, even in sleep mode.

    It's like the phone is connecting or doing some operation than drains the battery. Apple offers me to change the phone but I think im going to wait to the next soft update...

    Im restoring to factory defaults just now. I'll tell if it works.
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    Since Apple is not supported in my country Kuwait , i decide to do everything possible to fix this issue by myself.

    The battery was decraises 1% every minute in standby mode:-
    Mobile status Was:-
    Wifi : off
    Blutooth :off
    Push notification :off
    Enable 3G : off

    *((( Solution )))*
    *Simply Downgrade to older version and then Upgrade it to 3.0.1 , now the battery is working fine.*

    The battery was 73% and it dosent change for 10 minutes while using the phone:-
    Mobile status Was:-
    Wifi : on
    Blutooth :on
    Push notification :on
    Enable 3G :on
    + Ipod music : on
    + borwsing some sites

    I am sure that the cable was unplugged and I hope will work with u.

    Note :- the baterry still not changed while I am writing the replay :):):)


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