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Thought I would post this here for others in case it is helpful:

My Apple TV 40 GB has been randomly disappearing from the iTunes device list ever since I purchased a New Airport Extreme Dual-Band N Router. I have been having to check and un-check the "Look for Apple TV's" option in the iTunes Preference panes so that iTunes could see the Apple TV and so that the Apple TV could see iTunes after it disappears. All software on computers (Mac OS, iTunes) and firmware on the router and are up to date as of June 2009. I was previously using the old UFO Airport Extreme G router without problems.

While monitoring computer and iPod connection speeds using the Airport Admin Utility>Manual>Advanced>Logs and Statistics>Wireless Clients tab, I just happened to see the Apple TV connected at an abysmal 26 Mbps rate, with a connection type of a/b/g/n even though at other times it connected at well over 100 Mbps wirelessly using just a/n type. While I was watching, it dropped down to only b/g and 13 Mbps and as soon as it did this it disappeared from iTunes again.

So what appears to be happening, at least for me, is that as the Apple TV changes its wireless connection type for whatever reason, it loses its communications with iTunes and never re-establishes the connection to iTunes, even though the Airport is showing it still connected to the network at a horrible rate.

The fix for me so far has been to force the Apple TV to connect to the Airport at 5 GHz only. Not allowing it to hop the networks on b/g.

I accomplished this on the Airport Extreme Dual-Band N Router by going here:
Airport Admin Utility>Manual Setup>Airport>Wireless tab>Wireless Options ...> Check the 5 GHz network name option> Set your 5 Ghz network name and leave the other defaults and apply the settings.

Finally, go the the Apple TV>Settings>General>Wireless network settings and select the 5 Ghz network name you just created. This forces the Apple TV to now connect to this network.

You can also force your newer Apple MacBooks to connect to this network as well, making all of these 5 GHz capable devices connect to this higher speed network.

Again, this worked for me and I just wanted to put this out there for the few others who have been dealing with the disappearing Apple TV syndrome.

Apple TV 40 GB Latest Firmware, Mac OS X (10.5.7), Airport Extreme Simultaneous Dual Band