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Hey, I got a bit of a problem.
My mom just updated her iphone software last night...and lost everything on it....her music is still on itunes, but her contacts (over 250), her notes, and all of her pictures since January (about 500) are all gone. She is like in a state of depression or something. I did everythng to my ability, and I cant restore anything.

Since everything was gone on the iphone, I restored it to factory defaults and tried to back it up to a previously used iPhone. She syncs hers every day and this should have worked since I have done it for her before when she got a new iPhone.

So in other words, we have the new itunes, an empty iphone, and lost contacts, notes, several photos, and I cannot get them back. I spent all night searching the computer for backup files or anything and I found nothing. I think the update really screwed us up here.

Can anyone give me a hand? My parents are mad at me that I cant fix it and Im about to give up since they are being so crazy about it.

Thanks alot.

IPhone, Windows XP, iTunes 8.2, newly updated iphone software
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    When you connect the iPhone to iTunes it should give you the option to restore from previous backup. iTunes will have made a backup every time your mum synced her iPhone and will have saved photos and contacts.
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    Try to right click on the iPhone under devices in your iTunes and see if they have created a backup and then restore from backup. So there is nothing in your iTunes library? Did you download the new iTunes and immediately download 3.0 without making sure that you had a backup on the current iTunes?
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    alright ill give that a shot.
    Well, you see my mom was the one that updated everything...she just said after she updated her iphone everything disappeared. So yeah, im sure she did it without checking anything. I will give that a shot, thanks.
    Oh, and there is nothing in her itunes but a couple songs. But she doesnt care about the music right now. You see, our camera broke a few months ago and she started using her iphone instead (because its nice for a phone camera) however she only saved a couple pictures and the others disappeared. I dont know, its a weird situation.
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    I hope you get it resolved. I don't know what else off the top of my head, but Apple iPhone tech support has a solid Knowledge Base program to work with...may help, may not.
    Good luck to you and your mother.
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    ok thanks for your help. ill check out their tech support...