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So I have my Leopard system doing DNS duty and all seems to work great for my hard wired and wireless clients, but for some reason my iPhone users are not resolving.
I have Leopard DNS set for our local primary zone, I also have it forwarding two DNS servers from my ISP. My DHCP server is assigning my leopard server as the primary DNS with ISP as secondary.

Like I said, wired and laptop users are doing fine, but iPhone users arent able to resolve local primary zone machines or outside servers. Navigating via IP works.

here is a serveradmin fullstatus report

macserver:~ $ sudo serveradmin fullstatus dns
dns:setStateVersion = 2
dns:servicePortsAreRestricted = "NO"
dns:serverStatus = ""
dns:transfersDeferred = 0
dns:state = "RUNNING"
dns:debugLevel = 0
dns:serverIsLoadingConfig = "NO"
dns:logPaths:dnsConfigurationFileVersion = 2
dns:logPaths:namedLog = "/Library/Logs/named.log"
dns:serverIsPriming = "NO"
dns:version = "BIND 9.4.3-P1"
dns:zonesAllocated = 18
dns:secondaryZones = 0
dns:queryLogging = "NO"
dns:startedTime = "2009-06-15 11:25:49 -0700"
dns:readWriteSettingsVersion = 1
dns:primaryZones = 0
dns:servicePortsRestrictionInfo = emptyarray
dns:SOAQueriesInProgress = 0
dns:transfersRunning = 0
dns:dnsConfigurationFileVersion = 2

MacPro 8-Core, Mac OS X (10.5.7), OSX Server 10.5.7, Final Cut Server
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    Check your WAP(s) to see if they have the correct DNS information entered into the configs for them. Think about setting up a secondary DNS server for your local network. It doesn't have to be on OS X server. You can setup a secondary using the ISC bind DNS server on an OS X client box -an old G4 is more than capable of handling hundreds of clients.
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    I have 1 Sonicwall handling basic routing and DHCP. As I mentioned, it is assigning the leopard DNS server as the primary and ISP as secondary. All my other clients are doing fine....
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    The problem may be that -even though you have DNS servers configured in your DHCP server- that the WAP is handing out its address as the DNS server to wireless clients. Take a look at this post:


    for a brief explanation. Although it speaks to the AEBS, many WAPs do the same thing when it comes to DNS resolution. Simply adding the IP of your on-site DNS to the configuration of the WAP may solve the problem.

    The fact that laptop wireless clients work assumes that the iPhone runs the same OS as they do. That is not the case. The iPhone's OS is not the same as OS X -it is a variant of OS X- and has long-standing issues with DNS over wireless.
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    If I check my iphones DHCP config, my leopard DNS server is the first listed.