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I have two non-iPhone lines on my account that are eligible for upgrade to the new 3G S and two iPhone 3G lines that are not eligible for upgrade until 12/09 (one is eligible on 7/09). I purchased two 3G S iPhones for the eligible lines so that I could swap out the old 3G iPhones. When the new iPhones arrived, I swapped the SIM cards and got the below message:

When trying to activate my new iPhone 3G S, I get the following:

"The SIM card in your iPhone does not match the SIM card associated with your account."
"To activate your iPhone with this account, please use the SIM card associated with your account. Please disconnect your iPhone, insert the SIM card provided with your iPhone, and try again. You may disconnect your iPhone now."

I called AT&T Support and they said that a new iPhone policy started today. Basically, if I allow her to swap the IMEI & SIM card numbers on the old and new iPhones, it would work, but I would loose upgrade eligibility on my old lines as well as the lines they were purchased on. I had planned on purchasing more 3G Ss on the old lines when they came eligible, but now I would loose that with the transfer.

Since they just changed the eligibility, the old iPhone line that was eligible for 7/09 is now eligible. But I can't use either of the new iPhones that were shipped. I would have to return them and buy a new iPhone for the newly eligible line.

iPhone 3G S, iPhone OS 3.0