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hi there

i've once activated this magic menu. when you dial 3001#12345# you can actually tap on the network strenght monitor to see the db.

now, everytime i touch there, it changes between bar's and db.
how can i put this back to only show bars?


iPhone OS 3.0
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    When I dial 3001#12345# (an asterisk either side being hidden by this forum) it takes me to the field test menu. It shows my signal strength in dB. When I press the Home button to exit it the signal strength indicator automatically switches back to bars. Tapping the bars does nothing for me.

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    To keep the numbers, you have to force quit the field test app. Just exiting with the home button returns to the bars.

    For 3.0...
    Force quit an application: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on top of iPhone for a few seconds until a red slider appears, and then press and hold the Home button until the application quits.

    For the OP: if you have the numbers/bars, just touch them until you have what you want and leave it. I think you'll have to restore to get just the bars back.

    Personally, I leave the numbers up all the time because the bars are meaningless... they show good strength when the signal is weak. The numbers are more indicative of actual signal strength. They range from about -50 to -115. -60 to -80 is a good signal.
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    actually, holding power and later the hold button does quit from the cell menu, but later you still can tap on the signal strenght and he's still switching.
    restoring does not helps. actually, when I migrated from 3G to 3G S he also migrated this bevaviour ,-((
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    no one any idea how to fix this?