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Does anyone know if the oleophobic coating on the new screen will adversely interact with any screen protectors ? I bought a case that came with a screen protector and I'm worried that there might be some kind of reaction between the screen & the adhesive protector ???

Any ideas ??

Dual G5, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    I have never had a screen protector on my iPhone (and I've had the original, 3G and now the 3G S). THe iPhone screens are sapphire glass, which is very difficult to scratch. None of the screens on any of my iPhones have any marks or scratches on them.

    I used a screen protector when I bought the first gen iPod Touch and it feels really nasty to use. Much prefer an unprotected screen.

    The Oleophobic screen still shows finger smudges etc (but not as badly as previously), main difference is, just a couple of light wipes with a dry cloth and they magically disappear. I love the new screen :o)
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    I am looking for this answer too. Someone over at everythingicafe.com said that an Apple employee told him not to use screen protectors with the new 3GS. However, I have not been able to varify why nor has anybody else reported being told that. Also, I have not found anything from Apple that says not to use screen protectors.

    I have one but am waiting to put it on until I can get some kind of answer.
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    the oleophobic coating is actually basically a polymer that resists the oil to adhere to the coating and encourages the oil to bond together and form its own "drops" much like a car after a car wax where the water comes dripping down rather than like a cloth where it sorta just absorbs the liquid right in.

    Since the plastic is an organic material, made up of "natural" so to speak materials, and since the glass is non organic, made of hard materials, silicon, it is not possible for the two materials to stick together. Thus, a chemical called Silane is used to bond the organic and non organic material, creating what's known as the oleophobic coating on the iPhone 3GS.

    http://gizmodo.com/5302097/giz-bill-nye-explains-the-iphone-3gss-oleophobic-scre en

    as to the question of whether or not u should use a screen protector, I dont think u should unless the screen protector has no type of adhesive or hard stickiness on it. Im afraid the silane would not bond with the polymer and the screen protector would just rip the coating right out, perhaps exposing the silane or the glass which isnt ideal. the screen itself is really durable, my ipod touch lasted my over 1.5 years not and its still running great with no scratches running naked.
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    I just read an article at iphonealley.com about how the new 3G S screen is highly scratchable. Take it for what it's worth. I use the InvisiSheild whole body kit love it (I used one on my 3G model and loved it too). I'm not one to take chances with ANY scratches on my phone- especially the screen.

    http://www.iphonealley.com/news/warning-new-oleophobic-screen-coating-is-highly- scratchable