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ok, i just got up the nerve to buy a $50 itunes card first time, now i feel like i was duped, it won't let me buy anything, i redeemed the points, look in the store and decided the first thing i wanted to get was the ipod touch upgrade, i click on it and it asks me for my apple id password, i enter it correctly click "Buy" and then asks me for the password again and this time instead of the button saying "buy" its says "billing info" now it now takes me to the page and all the info is right, im not using a card because i don't have one and i don't think i should need one because i have the itunes points which is clearly displayed beside my account name on the itunes program. now after i click done it just takes me back to the itunes store home page... so then i think maybe the update just isn't available at the moment, so then i look up the app "video safe" and try to buy it, same exactly thing happens, someone plzz help, im confused as to y i am not able to buy anything, i have the points, id like to use them

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    The cards only work for music and videos, not apps or upgrades.
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    apple should really make that clear, thats the reason i bought the points for in the first place, to get apps and the update. man this *****, ok so pretty much if i don't have a credit card then im screwed right? i can't get the update or get apps unless they are free? are there app cards or something i can buy in order to buy them? kuz i can't get a credit card and i want to get this stuff, and if im not mistaken isn't this bad? its stopping ppl from spending money on this stuff, its cutting profit, if you could use it for all of it then im sure ppl would buy them alot more, kuz its "re-donk-u-less" that they don't have an easier way to get the stuff like apps and upgrades unless you hav a credit card. idk man, is apple going to change that anytimes soon?
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    I doubt it. They just recently changed the USA store so gift cards can't buy apps or movie rentals.

    And yes, Apple should make it a lot more clearer. Short of labeling their itunes gift cards
    NON-APP iTunes
    cards, I don't know how they could. Most folks just don't read the fine print.
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    thats the funny thing about it tho, i read the fine print, ALL of it and it never said anything about you not being able to use the points for apps, it just says redeem the points and download your "entertainment" and enjoy... appearently apps aren't included in entertainment. on the front it says "get the latest music, movies, tv shows, AND MORE"... so if all you can download with the points are music movies and shows why did they put that misleading "AND MORE", its really frustrating, i feel like i was ripped off, apple needs to step it up, they are losing money this way, big time. okay so is there any other way i would be able to get the apps and updates if i don't own a credit card?
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    The same exact thing happened to me.... I'm mad now. If i would have known before hand i wouldn't have bought the **** card. A lot of younger people have ipods and they should make it so you can buy upgrades and apps with gift cards for the sake of them. Although I'm of age where i can get a credit card, i don't have one and I'm not going to go get one just to get this update. What's the reason behind not being able to buy upgrades and apps with the gift card anyway? This is ridiculous.
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    I agree with you, it seems like false advertising to me. I have also seen that AND MORE. There is no more!
    The only way to get non-free apps is with a credit card.

    One thing, if you know someone with a credit card that would be willing to help you, they can put in their CC details, you buy the apps, then change the payment method back to none while they are sitting there watching you.
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    yup, had to go to good ol' mommy dearest to get what i needed, the next best thing is a reloadable credit card, but yeah this is the first problem ive ever had with apple, im a big loyal apple freak but this made me question how much i trust them now. i hope they correct everything, thanks katrina for your help, also thanks for answering my questions so fast, and detailed. it made all the difference.