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I use a Western Digital external hard drive coupled with the "Backup and Restore Center" feature present in my Vista's systems. When I connect the WD hard drive to my computer to do my weekly file backup, my iPod is occasionally also connected, and the Backup and Restore Center asks me if I'd like to back up the files located on "External Hard Drive" (the iPod in question).

Which brings me to my question: Is it possible to back up files -directly- from my 5th Generation iPod to my external hard drive, just in case my iPod unexpectedly goes to Apple Heaven, or is that a breach of the Apple Terms of Use? If it is in fact possible, is there anything I should watch out for in the process?

Toshiba Satellite A205, Windows Vista
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    Nothing to backup directly. This is what backup programs are for.

    It would be easier to just backup your iTunes library using your backup software. This assumes all of your media files are stored in one place.

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    While I agree with you that it would be much easier just to back up the iTunes library, and while I do that already, there are roughly a hundred files that are on my iPod, yet don't exist on my computer. The purpose of the backup in question is essentially to preserve those files that I can't otherwise retrieve.

    By "Nothing. . . ", do you mean that you don't believe there's a problem/hindrance in what I'm preparing to do?

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    What I meant is that as long as the backup program can access the ipod you should be able to use it to copy files from iPod.

    In your case there are programs available for extracting files from iPods back to internal drives. User Zevoneer has a large post detailing many of them. Some are free, some not.
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    A lot of what is stored on your iPod is stored in hidden folders and files. If your backup software does not normally back up the hidden files and folder on your computer, then it likely won't really be backing up the iPod either.

    Your iTunes library should be your iPod backup and your Western Digital should be your iTunes library backup.

    Of course the flip side of your question, which I do not know the answer to is, if the backup software does indeed backup the iPod's hidden stuff, is it able to restore it to the iPod directly? You could plug in your iPod and let the software back it up, then test it and see if you can find a way to restore the iPod and see if it works or not. If it doesn't, then you can always just resync it back with iTunes like normal.