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wessto Level 1 (0 points)
I recently purchased a new MBP 15, 3 Ghz, 500 GB 7200 rpm hard drive, build-to-order. The hard drive appears to be a seagate ST9500420ASG. I am experiencing a strange hard drive click followed 80% of the time by a beep. It is definitely not a beep from the speaker. Additionally, it happens at any time, even when the computer is sitting on a perfectly still table. It is exactly the same sound as what is documented at

and mine too appears randomly approximately 15-20 times per day. It does not appear to matter if the computer is under light or heavy use and it seems truly random when it occurs. Another user on youtube has also experienced this with their new MBP 15 and sent me a wav file with the same sound mine is making. So far, his experience is that it does NOT occur under bootcamp. This leads me to believe that it is something specific to OSX. Turning off the "put hard drive to sleep when possible" does not seem to make any difference. I have not personally tested bootcamp on my machine to confirm that mine is the same, but the original poster of the youtube video linked above also seems to think it is OSX specific.

Any clues? Should I try to get apple to swap the HD for a new one? Any help is greatly appreciated.

MacBook Pro 15 Mid 2009, Mac OS X (10.5.7), Hard Drive ST9500420ASG
  • Craig Upton Level 1 (30 points)
    I get the same thing. I have only noticed it though when I have my external firewire drive attached. Other than that, I have not heard it at all. Do you have an external drive attached when you are hearing it?
  • Craig Upton Level 1 (30 points)
    NEVERMIND! I just heard the click and the beep without my external drive attached.
  • wessto Level 1 (0 points)
    I do not notice it exclusively when peripherals are attached. I notice it at any time, using power cord or not.
  • Deniz Durmus Level 1 (5 points)
    I got my 15" yesterday with 500GB 7200rpm drive and it's doing the click and beep as well. Does sound like the drive heads parking but don't know what the beeping might mean. Seems to happen randomly but often. The OS seems to freeze for a fraction of a second as it beeps.
    Will call Apple and see if they would replace the drive.
  • macboi45 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have a two day old new Mac book pro 17'' 3.06 8GB ram 500GB 72rpm and havimg the same issue. I call apple and tried to explane what was going on but they had no clue and ask me to take into a apple store. it makes the sound every now an then but, you can close it to sleep and reopen it and you can hear the beep sound from the left side. Also do anyo f you find a strange cracking sound near the track pad? like somthing is lose? when you sorta mash the bottom?
  • wessto Level 1 (0 points)
    I spent some time on the phone with an "apple expert" and after trying all the things I had already tried she recommended that I take it to a genius bar or since I have apple care, to an authorized repair facility. I plan on doing this soon and will update status on what I find.
  • KBeat Level 3 (790 points)
    Add me to the list of new 3 GHz/500 GB 7200 RPM owners who are experiencing the same thing. I get the same, infrequent beep from the hard drive at seemingly random times. The drive checks out completely on S.M.A.R.T. and other tests, so it doesn't seem to indicate a problem.

    I'm curious to see what the guys at the Genius bar have to say. My guess is they'll have no clue. This will be a learning experience for them as it's undoubtably a specific issue with the new Seagate drive. My big hope, of course, it this isn't indicative of a pending drive issue that will affect data. I'm doing regular backups, but I'm nervous.
  • ADKIM Level 1 (0 points)
    INTERESTING... there seems to be a trend here. I'm also using a new uMBP with: 3.06GHz, 8GB RAM, and 500GB 7200RPM...

    Sounds like must of us have those specs...and I too have this annoying BEEPING sound and I can't seem to pinpoint where it's coming from but it sounds like it's coming from the right side near the CD/DVD side... (not sure).

    Anyone talk to Apple Care or a Genius and find out what is going on with our uMBP's?
  • user2112 Level 1 (135 points)
    yep same config 17" 3.06 with the 500 gb 7200 rpm drive...clicks then beeps..its seems like more today.

    should i call?

    this is very worry some..
  • KBeat Level 3 (790 points)
    So, am I the only one who hasn't heard a "beep" since applying the new 1.7 firmware? The description only mentions fixing the SATA controller speed issue, but it seems to have ended the "beeping" on my MBP as well. Anyone else?
  • wessto Level 1 (0 points)
    Mine is still doing it, however it appears to be doing it less frequently. Weird.
  • ADKIM Level 1 (0 points)
    Nope, I'm STILL getting that "click and beep" sound... it's very slight and happens randomly. There's no specific thing I can do or application I can open that will force the sound... it's just random...

    ...also, i've had the new firmware update since last night,... so that did not solve it...

    I'm wondering if it has to do with the configuration that most people on this thread have (3.06Ghz, 8GB, and 500GB@7200) there must be something to that figuration that causes the click and beep sound...

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  • KBeat Level 3 (790 points)
    Well, I must recant. Although the beeps are far less frequent, I just heard another one. Something about the firmware update seems to have changed the behavior of the drive enough to change the frequency of the beeps, but not eliminate them.
  • iStu91 Level 1 (10 points)
    I have a stock late 2008 low end mbp. It STARTED making this click beep and i got really worried that it was basically, dying. But it was just a phase and I still don't know why it did it in the first place. Fine out of the box, then a few beeps clicks after running it for a couple of weeks, then it just dissappeared after a couple of days. Double-you Tee Eff?
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