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  • jorhh Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    Let's not get sidetracked here - the noises most of us are reporting clearly are not caused by a faulty SuperDrive (I have used MacBooks for years and can tell the difference).

    Instead, there appears to be "something" (for lack of a better word) in our laptops which causes the HD to "constantly" try to park the drive heads, causing the weird noises. This is also why tools like "hdapm" and QuietHDD are able to - at least temporarily - get rid of the problem.

    Hope somebody at Apple is listening.
  • prizmatic Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    After reading all this I was convinced it was a hard drive problem but unless you have the 7200rpm drive it probably isnt and is most likely the superdrive. Put in a cd and listen and you will hear, or at least I heard exactly the same sound , the popping and clicking.

    I am taking it back to the Apple store tomorrow and getting a replacement, its less than a week old.

    This is a different issue from the Hard drive problems but can be mistaken for the same so its useful to have it here I think. You can easily talk yourself into what the problem is especially if you read so many posts with the same sounding problem.

    Theres a way of resetting the superdrive by holding onto a cd when you put it in and puling it out before its fully accepted, then put it back in but this didnt work for me.
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    Did you ever resolve this? I'm having the exact same issue. Thanks!
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    Hi, I got a 15" and the same hard disk (FUJITSU MJA2500BH FFS G1) and a I have a constant click like every 2 sec...but very very quiet. How loud is yours? I can only hear it when I am alone in a very quiet place.

    Other than that I got some water drops when the MBP starts and when I turn it off.
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    for all of you hearing that sound occasionally, and i hear it too.

    Its the Sudden Motion Sensor. The computer doesn't even have to be moved suddenly, it can be triggered by merely tapping on the area of the computer above the drive. The sensor will pick up these vibrations, which could be created frequently if you type heavy handedly or something, and park the heads because it thinks the computer may have been dropped and it wants to prevent the heads from crashing into the platter. Its not a bug, its a safety feature, and the momentary hang is normal. To see it in action, play a movie off your HDD in QuickTime, and then jerk the computer around. You should here the beep-click, and the movie should pause for a moment. If you do it hard enough and there is a disc in the SuperDrive, it should eject also.
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    Hi More Cowbell,

    it may appear that the sudden motion sensor (SMS) could be the main culprit, alas, at least in my case I don't think it is - the regular HD noises (described as "clunk" or "beek" or "click") do also happen when the laptop is not moved at all, standing perfectly still. Only a very, very faulty SMS would then try to "save" the HD by parking the heads.

    For me, the entire "HD clicking business" hinges on the drive's power management. When I use the utility "hdapm" to set the HD to "minimum power conservation" (i. e. heads don't get parked regularly, no spin down), the clicking noises disappear completely. This is - imho - a clear indication that:
    a) the noises are caused by the HD (not the SuperDrive) and
    b) the noises are caused by some weird interaction between the MacBook Pro and the drive's internal power conservation efforts.

    Long story short: Apple, fix this!
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    I believe the problem I had originally reported has been fixed via the firmware update that was released some time ago. The replies that keep trickling in appear unrelated to the original problem. If you're reading this thread, please take some time to read at least the first few pages of the discussion to see if your problem is the same or not.

    For me, the problem is resolved. It was a hard drive issue. The firmware fixed it, hdapm was a patch that I never tried because I felt it was a band-aid workaround that needed to be addressed more directly by Apple. I also know for me it has nothing to do with the sudden motion sensor or the optical drive.
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    After upgraded to Mac OS 10.6.1, that beep sound has cleared with SATA driver update.

    Hope that help!!!
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    the SATA update did NOT fix it for me... I have all the latest updates. Still getting the CLICK + BEEP.

    June 09 15" MBP with 500GB 7200rpm drive
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    I promised to follow up once I received my replacement MBP. It has been a day or so and there have been no sounds whatsoever! I did notice that my first 500 GB drive was a Fujitsu and this drive is a Toshiba.

    I also noticed that MacMall doesn't seem to be selling the 500GB drive for the 13" anymore. At least it is not advertised online and in print. Curious. Still selling it in the 15" and 17". No 13". I wonder why.

    I am just grateful that the Chinese water torture dripping is over.
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    I got two 15" with FUJITSU 5400 and now I've replaced for the third time for a 17", HITACHI 5400. And what? The clicking is still there. In all three even after the update, the hard disks seem to click whenever they get idle. There were no beeps with any one of three though.
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    I am following up to my last post on August 20, 2009 when I decided this issue had been resolved, and I put my order in. The issue first reported by "wessto" HAS BEEN SOLVED, as Apple has stated by the firmware update 0007APM2. I am somewhat surprised to see this thread still active, clearly many of the people still posting have systems, configurations, and or issues that are simply not the same. If you do not have this drive (ST9500420ASG), from Apple, in your Macbook Pro, then you have a different issue.

    My 2009 Unibody Macbook Pro(s) 17, with a 7200 RPM 500 GB Seagate

    Model: ST9500420ASG
    Revision: 0007APM2

    does not have any of the issues related to this thread.

    Now to the rest of my story and why I have taken this long to report. I have gone through two exchanges none of them related to this issue. I am very happy to report that the staff at my local Apple store stood behind me and made every effort to address the problems and get me a working system as quickly as possible, even though this was a CTO online purchase. I was very concerned, particularly given the first hand accounts here regarding returns and exchanges that I would regret purchasing an Apple computer if there were any problems. There were times when I was dealing with the wrong person, but most everyone at Apple I had to work through this with, came through, and went beyond the call of duty to make things right. My experience has been that if you have a valid issue that warrants an exchange with a new unit (within the first 30 days), there are plenty of people who will take charge and resolve the matter to your complete satisfaction one way or the other. The first unit had defective components, the second a bad screen. The key for me were the staff at the stores who I had talked to over the months before my purchase. They made the difference, and they have made me a believer in Apple.
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    Not to go off topic but just wanted to post a comment that its good to see a note about good service that you received.

    People tend to be more vocal when there is dissatisfaction or problems and not when things are working.
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    I experience the same clicking sounds, mostly (but not limited to) OSX.
    THe only main difference is that i have the 5400RPM drive (2.8GHZ 17" Unibody MBP, mid 2009). A colleague has the 15" 3GHZ with 350GB 7200RPM drive, no clicking at all.
  • Rick Smith Level 1 Level 1 (140 points)
    I need to buy an updated drive for my MBP. Is this segate drive (7200.4 500gb) drive safe to buy and install now?

    Cheapest place to buy?