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My company uses microsoft outlook exchange and I have been using iphone syncing with this outlook exchange calendar. Besides my own calendar, on the outlook exchange, I have access to another shared calendar. I want to be able to read this shared calendar on my iPhone but cannot figure out how to do it. Previously I learned from other postings that iPhone doesn't support it.

The new OS 3.0 support CalDav and I am wondering if this will enable me to read the shared calendars of my outlook exchange on my iPhone. Does anybody know how to do it? If the current firmware solely doesn't support it, might there are other ways to do it with supports of other apps? How about through Google Calendar? Or there are any apps can automatically copy the contents in the outlook exchange shared calendars to my outlook exchange calendar?

Does anybody have solutions? Many thanks!

Windows, iPhone OS 3.0
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    I have the same issue. Help would be appreciated!
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    I talked to our IT people. One solution they came up with is to install google sync in the computer system of which calendar you wish to sync. And then you sync your iPhone through google calendar app. That sounds possible. I'll post my experience after I have tried it.
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    This is one issue that would show enterprise users that Apple is serious about their business push. Many of us use Exchange/Outlook, calendars and need to have access to associates' Outlook shared calendars (not via the SAAS web based sites). Has there been a workaround or an app designed for this yet?
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    The shared MS Exchange calendar is ICS format which SHOULD be able to be added as "Add Subscribed Calendar" in the Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars/Add Account/Other screens on the iPhone.

    I'm tring to add a 2nd Exchange Outlook calendar only and need it to sync over the air.

    Just can't find the correct way to get it entered to work? The link sent by Outlook (I'm running 2007) when you send the invite doesn't work and copy/paste to the server name is also a bust. Have tried direct copy paste, cutting off the webcal:// prefix, etc. Just won't authenticate.

    No documentation that I can find on either Apple or MS site to validate the exact syntax required.

    I can hit the https link provided by MS on my Safari iPhone browser after entering my MS Online ID and access the calendar online. And yes tried several of MS Online IDs that I have as UID/PW in the iPhone config screens without success.

    A little more info on my config.
    3gs 32mb
    Have exchange acct as primary email with email contacts and calendar working
    Have CalDAV link to my wife's Google calendar working
    Have several other subscribed calendars (ics) working: US Holidays, AmericanHistory.com, and my TripIt profile.

    I DO NOT want to use MobileMe to make this work. Life would be so easy if iPhone would just support multiple Exchange accts!

    Funny thing I just noticed...spell check on forum IDs "iPhone" and "MobileMe" lol
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    I don't remember any of my windows mobile based devices doing this either, so i don't think it is a limitation of the iPhone, but the way Exchange ActiveSync is designed.
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    Found something in an archived thread about public vs private shared webcal Outlook calendars hosted up on MS Office Online...

    Stated that private wouldn't work due to iCal and MS authentication incompatibility. Why can't we all get along...lol But that public did. I'm trying to connect to a privately shared calendar.

    Does anyone have any updated info on this issue? Apple?

    http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1256462&tstart=0&messageID=617 1814#6171814
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    Sorry for the question guys just want to make sure I understand. So you guys are looking to sync a share exchange calendar on the iPhone right? If this is the question, I don't think this is possible I know that you can definitely sync the calendar on your exchange account and also contacts but I have a friend who's a genius in this type of thing, I will ask him and if it is possible I'll get the answer from him and post it for you. But just in case, I assume that since the EXCHANGE TASKS can not be synced on the iPhone, anything in a public shared folder, calendar or contacts will not be able to be synced.

    I'll see if I can get you guys any info.
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    Have crawled all around the Entirnet and the consensus is that this can't be done. At least until Apple supports multiple Exchange accts on the iPhone... At least without throwing extra $$ or hardware at it.

    The closest you can get is to view the shared Exchange calendar in Safari browser.

    I did some playing with WebDAV as another option but couldn't get any of the hosted free or trial sites to upload my shared WebDAV calendar so am calling it quits for now. You would think after all of these years that MS and Apple would learn to get along