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In a nutshell, "Does 'Set up as new phone' clear the data on the iPhone?"

A friend of mine has had a 3G iPhone for a few months. For various reasons he never got around to syncing it with a computer. Yes I know its strange and I don't understand either.

He's used the phone for a lot of email, photos, etc. He also has his contacts saved of course.

When I connect it to the computer (being the first time its ever been connected) it gives me the option to "Set up as new iPhone". I can't figure out if setting it up as a new iPhone will wipe the device or not.

I don't want to erase everything, as there is no way of backing it up until a relationship with iTunes is established. Its a catch 22, sort of. It seems to me that the restore process is what clears the device and setting up as new iphone is simply forming a link with iTunes. If thats the case, I'll be ok since I'm NOT restoring. But I don't know for sure. Help

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Reply by Barry Porter1 on Jun 21, 2009 10:49 AM Helpful
Setting up as a new phone WILL erase all the data. If you say no in this dialog, it should set up the sync relationship and do a backup with the current settings.


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